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Though Summer now feels like a distant memory, here is an overview of our activities in August and early September.

It was a period of preparation: especially for upcoming Internal Reform (voting opens 11 October 2018) and 10th Annual Assembly (10-12 December 2018 in Tbilisi, Georgia).

In this Newsletter, you will find all the information you need: 10th Annual Assembly Infographics and List of Participants, as well as a Presentation on Internal Reform, together with a set of neatly-explained FAQ's. Take a minute to get know our new team members, who recently started at the Secretariat!

It was also a busy time for National Plaftforms. In Moldova, we saw the release of the Monitoring Report on the (worsening) state of public affairsMoldovan and Ukrainian National Platforms came against the expansion of hydropower, affecting the Dniester and existing facility in Dnestrovsk.

Meanwhile, In Belarus, recent raids on media outlets show that independent media is still a major concern in the country, prompting statements from both Belarusian National Platform and EaP CSF Steering Committee.

2018 Re-granting projects are now in full swing. This month, we focus on WG4 Creative Eastern Partnership and WG5 Social Partnership for Equality, taking cues from our partners in Ukraine.

Upcoming Events

Voting on Internal Reform: All You Need to Know! (Opens Online, 11-30 October)

The Internal Reform, in its current form, was presented to members at last year's Annual Assembly in Tallinn.

To match the growing expectations towards the Forum, the Steering Committee has put the following proposals up for a vote – which will open on 11 October 2018 (via a link, to be sent closer to the date).

The Internal Reform is a "package" consisting of eight separate elements – affecting current cycles, delegate selection and the Steering Committee. It also sees the introduction of a Code of Conduct, and an Arbitration body.

We will also be updating our page with more interactive content and video recordings, in the run-up to the vote: eap-csf.eu/reform. Please note that you can submit any questions, technical or otherwise, by email: support@eap-csf.eu until 28 September 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's): Internal Reform
Presentation: Proposed Internal Reform

Published: List of Participants for 10th Annual Assembly "Leading the Way Towards a Democratic European Future" (10-12 December in Tbilisi, Georgia)

During their Brussels meeting on 17-18 July, the EaP CSF Steering Committee selected the participants for the 10th Annual Assembly "Leading the Way Towards a Democratic European Future" (10-12 December 2018 in Tbilisi, Georgia). The list was then approved by the European Commission in late August, and made public on our website.

Out of the total 569 applications, 165 organisations have been selected as either "participants" or "observers". This year, we received 100 applications more than in the previous year.

More than 50% of all applicants have never attended the Annual Assembly before!

List of Participants: EaP CSF 10th Annual Assembly
Infographics: EaP CSF 10th Annual Assembly
Information for Attendees: EaP CSF 10th Annual Assembly (10-12 December 2018, Tbilisi, Georgia)


Meet the New Team Members: Iustina (Finance), Juulia (Communications), Jakub, Daniel and Natasha (Interns)

Over the Summer, we saw some staff changes at the Secretariat. Our new "additions" include Iustina (first left, Finance Manager), Juulia (Communications Manager), as well as interns: Jakub (Communications), Daniel (Member Support) and Natasha (Advocacy and Administration).

We wish them the best of luck in their new roles! You can find their details on our updated contact page.

Contact Page: EaP CSF Steering Committee Secretariat

National Platforms

Moldovan National Platform Releases "Monitoring Public Policies in Moldova" Report Ahead of Working Group 1 Meeting in Brussels, Pointing to Growing Concerns

Following 2017 Annual Assembly in Tallinn, members of Working Group 1 "Democracy, human rights, good governance and stability" in the EaP CSF Moldovan National Platform took to the voluntary role of monitoring the state of public affairs in their country.

"Monitoring Public Policies in Moldova" is a collection of summaries, conclusions and general findings, relating to the erosion of the rule of law and democratic principles in Chisinau. The topics stretch from Moldova-EU Association Agreement to justice reform, corruption and media.

"We are witnessing a phenomenon called state capture", claim the authors, pointing to a shrinking space for civil society and instances of blatant misuse of public power and funds.

“Monitoring Public Policies in Moldova” Report by EaP CSF Moldovan National Platform WG1 Sheds New Light on Democratic Principles and Rule of Law
EaP CSF Moldovan National Platform WG1 Report: "Monitoring Public Policies in Moldova"

“Dniester: No to New Dams! Yes to Free Rivers!”, Moldovan and Ukrainian National Platforms Issue a Joint Declaration Against Planned Hydropower Expansion

In the first Declaration of this kind, EaP CSF Moldovan and Ukrainian National Platform condemn the plans to expand the Dnestrovsk Hydro-Energetic Complex (DHEC).

The Joint Declaration, first released on 21 August, also exposes the problem of small hydroelectric power plants (HPPs) – currently favoured by the so-called "green tariffs".

The construction has to stop and the policy needs to be abolished, at least until we analyse their full Enviornmental Impact Assessment. But HPPs are not only harmful to the natural environment and local communities.

There is a need for more oversight and transparency, we learn from the Declaration.

EaP CSF Moldovan and Ukrainian National Platforms Raise Alarm – “Dniester: No to New Dams! Yes to Free Rivers!” in a Joint Declaration Against Hydropower
EaP CSF Moldovan and Ukrainian National Platforms Joint Declaration: “Dniester: No to New Dams! Yes to Free Rivers!”

EaP CSF Steering Committee Responds to Belarusian National Platform: Indepent Media Still a Concern in Belarus, Show Recent Raids and Arrests of Journalists

Earlier this month, EaP CSF Belarusian National Platform called on the authorities to release all journalists detained on 8-9 August in Belarus, with immediate effect.

These dates mark the launch of a wider criminal investigation, involving searches of several media outlets and private homes. These measures, in the view of EaP CSF Steering Committee and Belarusian National Platform, are completely disproportionate and serve little, but to curb independent media.

This trend must be reversed, if Belarus is to continue its dialogue with the European Union – commented the Steering Committee in a separate statement, a day after the release of most of the journalists is in question.

EaP CSF Belarusian National Platform Urges Belarusian Authorities to Release All Detained Journalists
EaP CSF Steering Committee Welcomes Release of Detained Journalists in Belarus Despite Concerns
EaP CSF Steering Committee Statement: Release of Journalists in Belarus

2018 Re-granting

Learn More About 2018 Re-granting – Share Your Own Story!

The 2018 EaP CSF Re-granting Scheme includes 13 projects, spread across all five Working Groups.

This month, we share some Re-granting stories from Ukraine: Creative Eastern Partnership (WG4 "Contacts between people") and Social Partnership for Equality (WG5 "Social and labour policies and social dialogue").

If you, or your organisation, is taking part in this year's Re-granting scheme, we encourage you to share your input. Submit your stories, photos or media articles to us!

2018 Re-granting Project: Submit your story

WG4 Creative Eastern Partnership

Creative Eastern Partnership offers advice and assistance for organisations and cultural initiatives from Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine that want to participate in the Creative Europe programme.

In late July, Ihor Savchak (Center for Cultural Management, Ukraine) was interviewed by radio UA Karpaty to explain how to successfully apply for heritage grants.

You too can approach your country coordinator and get expert advice until 30 November 2018. Find more about general eligibility and updates from the project by clicking on the button below!

Call for Applications: Creative Eastern Partnership
Interview: Ihor Savchak for UA Karpaty (25 July)
WG4 Re-Granting Project: Creative Eastern Partnership

WG5 Social Partnership for Equality

Social Partnership for Equality is focused on ensuring equality in labour relations, with a strong gender component. It advocates for (better) inclusion of gender plans, effective anti-discrimination monitoring and harmonisation of relevant laws.

Its launch, on 28 June, coincided with a round table discussion on gender, organised by Verkhovna Rada Human Rights Commissioner, Lyudmila Denisova held at the Kyiv Ombudsman Office. 

On 23 August, the Ukrainian organisations behind the project: NGO “Bureau of Social and Political Developments”, Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine – FTU and Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine – CFTU, held their coordinating meeting in Kyiv.

This was also an opportunity to reach out to public sector stakeholders and prospective partners, particularly academics and other civil society organisations.

WG5 Social Partnership for Equality Launch: Government Talks on Gender (28 June)
WG5 Social Partnership for Equality Coordinating Meeting in Kyiv (23 August)
WG5 Re-Granting Project: Social Partnership for Equality

Members Corner


Call for Applications: DataFest Tbilisi 2018

ForSet Georgia and Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility invite you to DataFest Tbilisi 2018!

On 7-9 November 2018, Tbilisi will host the second international data and communications event, designed to explore new opportunities of engaging with and using data.

DataFest brings together journalists, civil society activists, marketing specialists, business professionals, government officials, developers and designers working with data – and willing to do more!

There are 25 fully-funded places for civil society activists from EaP countries. Remember to apply before 30 September 2018 deadline!

Call for Applications: DataFest Tbilisi 2018


Call for Registration: EaP CSF Database of Experts

Would you like to contribute to the Forum – with your skills, knowledge and expertise, by taking part in EaP Platforms and Panels multilateral meetings?

Register in our online experts database and share your expertise with the EU and EaP stakeholders!

Join more than 200 members who have already registered.

Register here (3-5 mins)

Events and Planned Meetings

  • 10 September: "Securing the revolution – the role of civil society and reform challenges in Armenia" Panel Discussion (Brussels, Belgium)
  • 11-12 September: WG1 Meeting (Brussels, Belgium)
  • 12-13 September: WG3 Meeting (Brussels, Belgium)
  • 18 September:15th EaP Transport Panel (Brussels, Belgium)
  • 21 September: Panel on Governance and PAR Seminar on “One-stop shop model in Azerbaijan” (Baku, Azerbaijan)
  • 24 September: CORLEAP Plenary Meeting (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • 27-28 September: EaP Panel on Migration, Mobility and Integrated Border Management (Odessa, Ukraine)
  • 27-28 September: EaP Platform 4 – "Make it Match" Thematic Workshop (Dublin, Republic of Ireland)
  • 1 October: EaP Research & Innovation Panel Event: EU4Innovation – Fostering Research-Industry Partnerships (Tbilisi, Georgia)
  • 3-4 October: Steering Committee Meeting (Chisinau, Moldova)
  • 4-5 October: 6th EaP Panel on Agriculture and Rural Development (Chisinau, Moldova)
  • 8-10 October: High-level seminar “EaP and the European Security: Enhanced Cooperation to overcome Common Challenges” (Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • 9 October: 2nd Joint EU-EaP Ministerial on Environment (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
  • 11-12 October: EaP Panel on Migration and Asylum – Meeting on Information Campaigns (Tbilisi, Georgia)
  • 7-8 November: EaP Panel on PAR (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • 8-9 November: EaP Youth Conference 2018: “Youth for Entrepreneurship” (Vienna, Austria)
  • 10-12 December: 10th Annual Assembly (Tbilisi, Georgia)
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