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Yasmine's main Yule tree, all decked out.

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and that the chilly days are treating you well. We had a full house--family of choice--for dinner, and we're decked out for the Solstice now. I love the sparkling lights at this time of year. They make me happy, and they calm my nerves, sitting in their glow. Yes, I go all out in decorating, because I love it. So I wish for you a happy end of the year, whatever you celebrate--whether it be the Turn of the Wheel, Christmas, Hanukkah, or even the change of seasons. Now, I have a LOT to tell you about, so let's get right to it!


A Shadow of Crows Cover

On Monday, the fourth Wild Hunt book will be available. The print actually is available a little early, so it can be ordered now!


As autumn approaches and Ember approaches the Cruharach, a revelation rocks Herne’s world that threatens their relationship. In the middle of the chaos, the Wild Hunt is approached by Raven, one of the Ante-Fae. A bone-witch, Raven hires them to find her missing fiancé. The spirits have warned her that he’s in danger.

The Wild Hunt follows a trail of blood and bones, it leads them into a labyrinth of grisly deaths that extend far beyond Raven’s lost love. A serial killer is murdering Dark Fae, hoping to win favor with one of the gods. But as Ember and Herne draw close to solving the case, yet another bombshell drops. And this time, the fallout could lead to outright war between the Fae Courts and an ancient enemy.

The Silver Stag cover

If you haven't read the first book in the series yet--The Silver Stag--it's on sale all this month for .99¢! 

Find out why readers are flocking to the Wild Hunt!

"Urban Fantasy maven Galenorn launches an exciting new series featuring Ember Kearney, an outcast from the worlds of both the Dark and Light Fae due to her mixed blood. Ember works as a freelance investigator in the Seattle area, but her life is about to take a dramatic turn. Galenorn does such a great job creating fascinating worlds that are dangerous and compelling. Both Ember and her best friend Angel are intriguing characters that readers are going to want to get to know. Not to mention Herne and his elite squad of hunters. This book is a terrific set up for a series that promises to be exciting and unforgettable." --Jill Smith, RT Reviews.


The Longest Night Cover

For a short, holiday romance read, I also released THE LONGEST NIGHT last month.

When Merilee Johansson moves to Starwood, a small artists' community, she's trying to piece her life together again after a failed marriage. What she doesn't expect is to meet Chris Hunter, a man who might be able to make her believe in the possibility of love again.

Standalone Pagan Holiday Romance Novella



Mandy Roth and Yasmine Galenorn are taking over each other's groups for the day!

Mandy Roth--Yasmine Galenorn Facebook Group Takeover!

Join the Moon Stalkers
Angie Fox and Yasmine Galenorn are taking over each other's groups for the day!

Angie Fox--Yasmine Galenorn Facebook Group Takeover!

Join the Moon Stalkers

That's right! Mandy, Angie, and I are staging takeovers of each other's groups. So join my Facebook readers group for the chance to meet new authors and talk books. Remember: you have to answer three simple questions to be approved to my group (that's how we weed out the spammers).

On December 1st--tomorrow--I'll be in Mandy Roth's group all day talking to her readers and giving away e-books. And SHE will be in MY Moon Stalkers group, so join my Moon Stalkers to talk to a really wonderful author and for a chance to win some prizes from her! I adore Mandy, and she's not only a good friend of mine, but a fun author and a great storyteller.

On December 9th, I'll be in Angie Fox's group all day talking to her readers and giving away e-books. And SHE will be in MY Moon Stalkers group, so join my Moon Stalkers to talk to a really wonderful author and for a chance to win some prizes from her! Angie's a great author and loads of fun!

Alyssa Day: April in Atlantis Cover


I know a number of my readers also read Alyssa Day's book--another good author friend of mine. So I'm letting you know about a new release she has coming out.

APRIL IN ATLANTIS from the Poseidon's Warriors series.

She's Poseidon's first and only female warrior…

When April, Poseidon's first-ever female warrior, meets Pine--"don't call me a werewolf" -- prince of the European wolf shifters, she saves his life and then gives him the finger, because the sound of his sexy Scottish accent when he said "I think I'm in love, lass" gave her shivers in places shivers had no right to be. She's a warrior, not a werewolf groupie. But now she's trapped between the werewolf who wants her and the werewolf who wants her dead. 

He's Europe's werewolf prince…

Pine wanted April the moment he saw her, just before she saved his life. Then he knew he must make her his. But the appearance of his long-lost and presumed-dead twin complicates Pine's plans, and this time it's April's life at stake. Together, April and Pine are so much stronger than they are apart, but the heat between them may be enough to burn down the world.

Can two such unlikely allies find their way past danger to love? Or will mutual seduction be the beginning of the end?

Kindle:  http://bit.ly/April_Kindle 
Nook:  http://bit.ly/AprilNook 
Apple Books:  http://bit.ly/AprilApple 
Kobo:  http://bit.ly/AprilKobo


That's about it for now...

I've got a surprise coming up mid-month, so until then, I hope you have a stress-free holiday season!

Brightest Blessings, Yasmine Galenorn

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