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Hi ...

Yesterday we sent you an email about our first ever live event that we are holding in Barcelona Spain, where you can learn from Herc, Todd & Cory Sanchez from Mojo Global as well as hang out with us for a full day of super fun 'non-business' related  activity in the sun.


But I might know what you might be thinking if you read it.
"EFF THAT, I'm not travelling to Barcelona. It's too far, it's too expensive."

We know travel is hard on your budget...
We know travel is hard on your time...

We know you might not even care because of the above.

But we have added to our massive bonus that will help with the above issues!

And...for those who absolutely don't want to travel, we have something amazing for you to!

In fact, our total bonus package is worth over $10,000


Thanks ,

PS. We also are very aware that at this point you may also be thinking, "if you guys are making all this stuff a bonus, than what do I have to do to get that bonus?"

We'll keep reading our emails and we'll reveal that soon as well also!

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