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October Offerings and More


A Message from The Treasurer

Hello family,

Once again, the Take Me to Truth Team sits in gratitude for your generous financial support of our mission which is to extend the deeper teachings of Jesus through his words in ACIM and our dear sister, Nouk Sanchez.

You may have noticed that we’ve been increasing our efforts at asking for money. I have received several emails from TMTT family members asking why now? One said, “Why is TMTT trying to make money?” That said, I want to take this opportunity to explain.

Take Me to Truth, Inc. is a non-profit organization. Non-profits are operated under the laws of the world as a small business. The government wants reports! We have to file a tax return each year. We have to file a report with the State of New Mexico each year. We have to keep our books (financial records) just like any business does. This takes expertise, time and money! We have to pay for our website and our new E-learning Platform (the Take Me to Truth Academy). We have expenses related to video and sound production. All the “things” you see and use at the TMTT website. We also have payroll expenses. Nouk is the one “employee” of TMTT. We pay her very little, just enough to cover a car payment! All other work provided is on a volunteer basis. And these volunteers do this with Love in their hearts.

Unlike other businesses, we don’t sell a product or a service. When we can once again have in-person retreats we can make a little money after expenses. Yet, we don’t know when that time will come again. So how do we pay for all these expenses? With your donations. Your donations are the only source of income TMTT has!

When you contribute your precious financial resources to TMTT for a class, TMTT takes a small share of it and sends the remaining to the Host of that class. For some of our Hosts, this is their only source of income to cover their living expenses.

Your donations are what keeps TMTT alive! We are passionate about spreading the Love of God in this way. We know you are too! We are a family. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. GRATITUDE.


You may donate here

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Class Fee Policy:

Everything that Take Me to Truth offers is given freely to all. There is a practical need to cover our operating costs and each facilitator is deeply grateful for your symbols of gratitude for their time in assisting in the assimilation of these teachings.  We ask that if you are able, please make a donation commensurate to the blessing you feel you receive from your participation in them.   No one is turned away because of their inability to donate.  

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Jesus on Sex

A Powerful Nine-Part Series

Have you ever wondered what Jesus was trying to share in the ACIM Urtext about sex? After all, He did say, “Sex is an area the miracle worker MUST understand.” We just completed a hugely revealing, mega powerful video series on this subject as a group of us unpacked the 90+ page chapter on sex (from A Manual for Holy Relationship). And now we invite you to explore these life-changing, deeper teachings of Jesus. This series is available for free; however we’d really appreciate your DONATION once you’ve realized the inestimable value of this teaching. Enjoy! 

Enroll here to access the series

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Holy Relationship Journey

Welcome to the Holy Relationship Journey online program! We will be reading A Manual for Holy Relationship by best selling author Nouk Sanchez. This manual contains the deeper teachings on Holy Relationship as given by Jesus in A Course in Miracles. Nouk explains step by step just why Holy Relationship is the Holy Grail and fastest route to not just awakening in the dream of separation, but awakening FROM the dream once and for all. No stone is left unturned as we examine this incredible teaching-learning phenomenon, layer by layer. If you are truly ready to bust through the ego thought system to the discovery of your most Holy Self and your incorruptible innocence, then this journey is for you. We welcome you to our Take Me to Truth family with open arms and endless Love.

Deepening Together Holy Relationship Journey 

Support with Nicola Povey

Starting Friday October 2, 2020 9:00 - 10:30 am MST USA

This support platform provides assistance for additional inquiry and contemplation for the Holy Relationship Journey.

Enrollment in Nicola or Coreen's class (see below) automatically enrolls you in the Deepening Together Sessions.

Holy Relationship Journey with Nicola PoveyCurrently running Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:30 pm MST USA

Register here for the HRJ with Nicola

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Holy Relationship Journey with Coreen Walson Currently running Sundays 9:00 - 11:00 am MST USA

Register Here for the HRJ with Coreen

Total Transformation Course

Jesus needs your help!

Calling all ACIM students who want to live a more peaceful existence in this EGO dream and learn how to extend the Love of God.  We are in the world, not of the world.  Learn how to live in the world and not succumb to the mesmerism of the ego thought system.  

Are you ready for Total Transformation to your Spiritual Self?

We have several hosts awaiting Guidance and receivership of participants for our online Total Transformation Course.  Enroll in the new TTC Journey with Amber below or if Wednesdays at 11:00 am MST USA does not work for you, kindly indicate your interest by completing the form you will find at this link:

Show your interest here

Total Transformation Course with

Amber Spirit Horse

Starting Wednesday October 7, 2020 11:00 am - 1:00 pm MST USA

The Total Transformation Course is an awesome year-long journey with mighty companions! We dive into the deeper teachings of ACIM and the End of Death. Videos, audios, blogs, illuminating Homework, and the key ingredient: sharing/Joining in holy relationship with each other. Life-transforming!

Enroll in TTC w/ Amber #102020 here

TMTT's Total Transformation Course is changing lives everyday!  

"Participated in this course three times.

The flow of Holy Spirit, Jesus, Nouk, course participants and facilitators from all over the world have shown and continues to reveal the falseness of what was made to destroy to the Beauty of what Is.

Learning to increasingly trust Guidance, has led to a greater appreciation of Us.  What a relief to come from the position of defense to the embrace of practical application to truly see differently, heal, and be helpful.

Abundance flows in a way that can only come from a Higher Source.

Lovingly priceless is the journey.

Feeling the take off to Freedom.

And this is only the beginning."


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