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Constipation is seen in various acute and chronic diseases as a decrease in the frequency of bowel movements accompanied by difficult, prolonged effort in passing dry and hard stools. 

People with constipation are typically advised to first try a high fibre diet, drink more water and exercise. If these steps fail many people try over the counter products like stool softeners, milk of magnesia and laxatives. When these products fail or have little effect, people continue to look for solutions.

By eliminating exposure to pesticides, chemicals, toxins, antibiotic laden foods and drinks, healthy probiotic bacteria throughout the digestive tract thrive promoting healthy digestion, for further information visit the 21st Issue from April, 2019.

It is highly recommended to replace non-organic, processed, denatured foods and drinks with hormone-free, antibiotic-free organic meats, organic fruit, organic vegetables, organic raw fermented foods and drinks that promote a healthy microbiome to extract nutrients from food without causing leaky gut syndrome, gut inflammation, pain, discomfort, bloating and dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is an imbalance between the noble probiotics and the bad bugs in the gut. That includes bacteria, yeast and parasites.  Ideal gut health also creates a regular well formed bowel movement at least once or twice daily.  

To learn more about the 2019 dirty dozen go to www.ewg.org/release/just-released-ewg-s-2019-shopper-s-guide-pesticides-produce

Not only is constipation a disorder of the large intestines, it is also closely related to the function of the spleen, stomach and kidneys. An excess retention condition of stomach heat, such as from consuming spicy hot foods generates excess heat in the stomach for some individuals, this heat moves to the large intestine, leading to constipation.

Using traditional Chinese medicine, retention of heat in the stomach and large intestine is treated by determining the mechanism by which the disease is caused.

Guiding Needle Acupuncture offers pulse diagnosis; feeling different pulse positions along the radial arteries of each wrist. This method is used to assess the circulation of the body to determine the status of organs, systems, and functions, assessing if they are stressed, balanced or weakened, and by how much. Tongue diagnosis is employed to analyze mapped out areas of the tongue corresponding to different parts of the body. Examining the tongue’s color, cacks, toothmarks, swelling, distribution of coating, texture and other distinguishing features reveal the internal state of the body. 

These diagnosis along with patient history and other body features determine imbalances present and proper countermeasures such as clearing heat and lubricating the intestines with nourishing and complimenting foods such as hemp seed oil and flax seed oil. Purgation is not the only therapy for constipation and doing so would treat the large intestine symptoms rather than addressing the main stomach heat cause.

From a traditional Chinese medical perspective, the spleen and pancreas are the organs responsible for the digestion of food and the transportation of essential substances, ascending clear materials and descending turbid materials. Physical, mental and emotional overstrain, overthinking and worry can lead to a deficiency of spleen-qi, resulting in the impairment and stagnation of these transforming and transporting functions. For people suffering from qi deficiency successful therapy promotes qi circulation, strengthening acquired energy digestive function, thereby relieving indigestion.

The kidneys control urination and defecation. Deficient kidney-yin body fluids and deficient kidney-yang warming energy may cause difficulty in defecation. Benefiting qi, nourishing blood, moisturizing the intestines and warming the kidneys bring about recovery for people suffering from these deficient patterns.

In sum, the causes of constipation are: retention of heat in the stomach and large intestine, insufficiency of body fluids, stagnation of qi, overstrain, dysfunction of internal organs, deficiency of qi and blood, etc. Based upon its causes, constipation is treated according to each patients unique signs and symptoms.  

Acupuncture combined with cupping, acupressure, massage and complimenting nutritional therapies are used to assist in clearing excess heat, qi, stagnation, toxins, to unblock, redirect and redistribute vital energy.

Effective nutritional therapies are prescribed unique to each patients presented constipation signs and symptoms. Nutritional functions include: clearing excess heat, clearing stagnation, purging toxins, moisten dryness, tonify and harmonize Qi, blood, fluids, yin and yang.

If you or someone you know suffers from constipation super fantastic acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine awaits!


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Enjoy the convenience of scheduling appointments online in real-time, 24/7

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