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December 22, 2020 - Issue #104

Best wishes for the Holiday Season and for 2021

Project News

Important Notice: Teachers with Courses launched in August as the new learning portal for IRCC-funded language training. Teachers with courses on the old portal,, should be planning their migration to Avenue if they haven’t already done so. will no longer be accessible to students after December 23, and will be available only to teachers until March 31, 2021. On March 31st, EduLINC will shut down permanently.

What's New on Avenue?

  • The Stage 4 training course is now available.
  • Sharing Cart block - A block for moving activities between courses
  • Word Cards - A PoodLL speaking activity
  • Scheduler - A Moodle activity for scheduling one-on-one meetings with students
  • Snowman - An adaptation of Hangman in the Game module. 

Missed a webinar? PD over the Xmas break?
All webinars delivered by the LearnIT2teach team are archived on the LearnIT2teach YouTube channel. Direct links to these webinars can also be found in the Webinars block in the Avenue Teacher-Only Forum course.

New Part 1 Learning Technology Leadership Group Begins Saturday, January 16th!
Sign up here for the next session of the Learning Technology Innovation Leadership (LTIL) course. This six-week course is online and mentored. More information about the LTIL training is available on this web page.

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Web News

Thanks to Teachers, Learning Loss This Year Was Not As Bad As Projected, NWEA Finds
When it comes to learning loss during COVID-19, the question is not whether it has happened, but how much. A new report out from NWEA, a non-profit assessment organization, offers insight into just how steep the so-called COVID slide has been so far. The good news is that students learned a lot more doing remote learning than education groups projected they would. The bad news is ...

The 30 Most Popular Online Courses of 2020
This year may have been a nightmare in most ways, but 2020 has been a banner year for online education. Besides millions of students around the world being forced to study remotely, huge numbers of adults have found themselves stuck at home with time on their hands. No wonder online courses have been so popular this year. ....

The H5P Open Educational Resources HUB Facilitating global collaboration
... The most important part of our roadmap has long been to finish up and integrate an OER Hub in the H5P authoring tool to facilitate global collaboration. ... The H5P Content Hub is the heart of H5P and the soul of our vision of empowering everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content.  ... Are you ready to share your content with the world under a Creative Commons License? Please let us know if you have content you would like to share from day one by filling out this form ...

Kahoot drops $50M on Drops to add language learning to its gamified education stable
... Kahoot has made an acquisition to expand the scope of subjects that it covers. The popular startup, which lets people build and share educational games, has picked up Drops, a startup that helps people learn languages by way of short picture and word-based games. The plan is to integrate more Kahoot features into Drops’ apps ...

Five years ago, they were known as ‘Syrian refugees.’ Today, they became ‘Syrian Canadians’
Five years ago, Samer Al Jbawi and his family arrived in Canada carrying the label “Syrian refugees.” On Thursday, they became “Syrian Canadians.” It was an emotional day for the Al Jbawis and 10 other Syrian families as they took their oath as newly minted Canadian citizens at a special virtual ceremony ...

Building a new Canadian life alone, for a while
When I think of the word “home,” I think of a space where you belong without trying to fit in, where everything around you works for your betterment, even when it doesn’t feel like it. So far, I’ve had two such homes, in Burundi and Canada. ...

The pandemic was great for Zoom. What happens when there’s a vaccine?
If 2020 was the year Zoom rode the pandemic to skyrocketing success, 2021 could be the year the videoconferencing company comes back down to Earth. Zoom started trading on the stock market in April 2019. ... One year later, the world was in lockdown for the coronavirus pandemic, and Zoom went from being a niche business software popular among tech companies to the way people did just about everything. ...


4 Video Game Tricks for Online Learning
An effective online course and a video game have much in common. Most important, they are intentionally designed objects. That means the experience of the user, not the content or the objective, is the first concern of the designer, and everything is designed to help the player/learner to understand the environment. To start, let’s take a look at one example of a well-designed game: Super Mario Bros....

Building and fostering positive relationships with diverse students in virtual, hybrid classrooms
... The process of developing and building relationships with your students is ongoing, though, and we must continually foster, nurture, and celebrate these relationships, especially as we continue with virtual and distance learning. The following strategies will help to do just that. These strategies, while beneficial for all students, are especially important with culturally and linguistically diverse students. Greet Students by Name Daily . ...

As a TEFL-certified teacher, here are the 12 online courses and apps I recommend for learning English as a new language
... if you're considering learning English as a second language right now, here are some of the best online resources to improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. 12 free or affordable resources to learn how to speak English online: ...

A to Z Terms for Education in the Digital Age
... With the rising popularity of digital products and the understanding of the positive effect they have on education, today’s classroom environment is changing. From Asynchronous Learning to XML and everything in between, there are a lot of eLearning terms to familiarize yourself with. Many terms can feel like jargon but are indeed essential knowledge when it comes to understanding this evolving landscape of eLearning. That’s why we’ve compiled this brief eLearning glossary ...

Professional Development

LearnIT2teach Annotated Bibliography New Resource: Developing a Badge System for a Community ESL class based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks.
This article describes the implementation of a badge and checklist method, based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) in a multilevel ESL classroom. This method was adopted to support learner motivation, to encourage regular attendance and to provide a tool for ongoing assessment.

How to Engage Students in Online Learning
Online learning experts say there are four primary factors for keeping students engaged as the coronavirus pandemic moves traditional education online. ...

CALICO Winter Workshops
CALICO, the Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium is an international organization dedicated to research and development in the use of computer technology in language learning: computer-assisted language learning (CALL). ...


Online English Teacher
The headquarters of UASK EDUCATION is located in Ottawa.  ... If you are enthusiastic, self-motivated, love working with kids/teenagers, passionate about teaching language & exam prep (IELTS, CELPIP, TOEFL, SAT, etc.) our online teaching position is a perfect fit for you. ...

Content Writing Reviewers (closes January 11)
Achēv is hiring 2 Content Writing Reviewers. Do you have experience teaching or developing online courseware for LINC? Check out this request for tender! ...

e-Resource Corner

Users listen to phrases and repeat them. Peaksay uses artificial intelligence to give feedback.

Idioms about Sports
Sports are a great source of enjoyment and competition for people around the world. There are many expressions related to sports in English that we use in our daily lives. In the United States, the most popular sports include baseball and American football. So, terms and sayings connected to those games are especially common. ,,,

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