July 2018 Newsletter


Regen Network’s focus is realigning economic health with ecological health. Farmers sit at the core of this model, and have been the center of our development work this past month. We have enjoyed getting our hands in the soil at Mud Creek Farm and interviewing land stewards around the globe regarding user features, data collection, and how our technology can support regenerative farming. Our Science Team is making great strides in the development of ecological state protocols and monitoring, particularly in till/no-till land management. Additionally, our team members have been circling the globe to meet prospective partners, investors, and allies. We are observing firsthand the massive potential our project holds to unlock massive new markets for ecological data and services in land monitoring assessment.

Our excitement builds as our project continues to grow. We are overjoyed to move forward on this path with you, and hope to see you at our next Community Update webinar. Onward!


The Regen Network Team

“Regen Network brings together a group of experienced and dedicated people to operationalize what could easily be regarded as the most important work of our times: to regenerate the healthy ecosystems functions of the world's watersheds, grasslands, forests and farmlands, and to do so while drawing down carbon into soils, standing forests, and biomaterials.”

- Daniel Christian Wahl

Cooperative Games and the Ecological Data Economy

Adopting familiar notions as cognitive shortcuts can better our understandings of complex phenomena such as blockchain. Regen Network Economist Kyle Birchard kicks off this new blog series by integrating game theory metaphor to the crypto world.

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New Insights Into Till/No-Till Monitoring Protocol

Seeking to understand our process behind rewarding farmers for practicing regenerative agriculture? Science Team members Gisel Booman and Taras Kazantsev dive into recent discoveries in our till/no-till monitoring protocol.

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Where In The World?

📍Amsterdam, Netherlands: Christian and Jared spoke on a panel at Reporting 3.0, a conference uniting global stakeholders across the reporting spectrum to co-create design needs and pilot new best practices for future-fit reporting in a regenerative and inclusive economy. Blockchain’s ability to create verifiable, immutable records holds incredible implications for the reporting world, particularly in accounting environmental externalities. Following this, we were honored to speak at the 5th Anniversary Event of Bitcoin Wednesday, one of the largest ongoing community-driven conferences about the Digital Currency Revolution. Many questions arose regarding the pro’s and con’s of our Consortium Model. Though we understand concerns vying for a fully-decentralized, security-first angle, these conversations secured our confidence utilizing this model. Learn more in our System Architecture Paper and reach out with questions via Telegram.

📍 Zug, Switzerland: Christian, Pete, and Jared attended TechCrunch as guests of the conference’s primary sponsor, Streamr. A highlight was watching speaker Vitalik Buterim, the creator of Ethereum. Sporting his trademark shirt, Vitalik shared his perspective on ETH community inclusivity and his dreams of making crypto accessible to all. As proponents of a decentralized future combating climate change — an issue that affects everyone — this message resonated strongly with us, prompting team dialogue about how we can best present ourselves in a way that optimally facilitates stakeholder collaboration. We also hosted a satellite event in Zug to kick off CrytoValley Conference!

📍Caux, Switzerland: We joined a variety of experts, activists, and organizers across the board, such as Tom Duncan, Elizabeth Kucinich, the UNCCD, African Development Bank, the European Comission, and many others to discuss global land issues at Caux Dialogue on Land and Security. Our presentation explored the challenge of international climate finance to engage and include the 500 million small-holder farmers, and introduced Regen Network's developing tools intended to meet this growing need. There was a consensus in the room that distributed ledger technology needs to be explored as a powerful tool for clear and transparent accounting of both financial and ecological records. A number of exciting partnerships were sparked!

Partner Profile: Mud Creek Farm

We spent this week visiting our partner Mud Creek Farm, a regenerative agriculture research farm. We are collaborating with Mud Creek, as well as Hudson Carbon and Woods Hole Research Center, to innovate the next steps in rewarding farmers for carbon sequestration and other farm stewardship services.

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