August 15, 2019
Going Back to School? Nooo!

Too soon to go back again?
I know! I think we all feel the same! However, we can have a great start to this new school year if we are prepared for it.

Here are some ideas that will help:


Make them feel welcomed! A great new school year start will bring good vibes for a successful one.

Place it at home, in a classroom, hallway, or as steps on the floor ...use your imagination!

Find more WELCOME banners

Learning Tool

At home or in the classroom, this little but effective tool will help your student(s) be independent, and be able to push a little bit more than usual before giving up or asking for help.

Check it out

Activities, Visual Aids and Flash Cards

Many activities, flash cards, and visual aids help children learn new vocabulary while playing. Use them at home, or in the classroom.

Find them here

Teacher Appreciation

Show your appreciation for your child's teacher with this sign full of love (and digital prints).

Check this one out!

Educational Stickers

Stickers are always fun. They could be used to play while learning, awaking motor skills, observing abilities, matching colors, among other important aspects. Combine your stickers with activities.

See All Stickers

Clip Art - PNG Images

Collection of clip art, saved as PNG files, perfect for keeping them in your computer and using them when you are ready. All clip art has transparent backgrounds and you may overlap them.

More Clip Art

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