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It's Day 21!

And I want you to do.... nothing!

Instead of an audio from me today, I wanted to share a truly amazing video from someone I really respect in the business called Dr Libby. It's all about why the modern world goes against our female bio-chemistry and why balance and nurturing ourselves is crucial!

CLICK HERE to view, it is 17 minutes long.

Love Janey x

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The dangers of sugar

Special report

Sugar - the bitter truth?

Click the image to read more

Tasty low sugar recipe of the day!

Stuffed chicken with pesto and parma ham

I love this recipe and it goes really well with a green salad or steamed asparagus. It's also a healthy recipe that men tend to like too and my children like a simpler version with just pesto in the middle.

Click the image for the recipe

Sugar Quiz...

What has a higher sugar content?

a) Starbucks skinny blueberry muffin

b) Starbucks lemon loaf cake

And the answer to yesterday's quiz is...

Astoundingly the Starbucks Belgian chocolate fair trade gluten free brownie contains 31.6g sugar per unit!!!

The Starbucks pain aux raisin contains 26.8 g sugar per unit - very shocking too!


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