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Vale Valley Valentine's Newsletter

Greetings readers!

This is a special Vale Valley Edition of my newsletter. 

As you may or may not know, I'm part of a group of authors writing MPreg romance through a shared world called Vale Valley. 

Author Giovanna Reaves is the creator of the project that officially started last December. The Vale Valley books were a hit, so Gia decided, why not do Valentine's Day. And, here were are again with 12 awesome books by some very talented authors. 

The books have dominated the gay romance and paranormal charts so far, leaving readers wanting more. 

Thankfully, Gia has decided to carry on the series for yet another season, and there's talks of another for the end of the year. 

Today's release from Summer Chase

Summer Chase's book is up today for release. It looks amazing. Let's have a look at the blurb.

Sometimes, a marriage of convenience can turn into true love...especially when there’s a baby on the way!

Originally from Paris, Omega Jacques has been living and working in Vale Valley for the past four years. But when a visa mix-up threatens to have him deported back to France, he resorts to desperate measures to stay in the town he’s made his home.

Like marrying his best friend, Alpha Edwin. For the green card. Or so they tell themselves, despite their growing attraction.

Yet when their unspoken feelings take their sham marriage to another level, they can’t go back to being “just friends.”

Especially now that’s there’s a baby on the way.

And especially because these two have just realized how perfect they are for each other.

Omega je t’aime is the ninth book in the second season of the multi-author series about Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone in need of love and a home. It's an MM Mpreg romance perfect for readers who love friends to lovers stories, male pregnancy, cute babies, and amazing HEAs. Pull up a chair, grab a box of chocolates, and settle in for this smexy and sweet standalone Valentine’s Romance read!

Link -

Vale Valley Valentine's Overview

Books 1-10, including mine, Renewed Faith are already released. Books 11 and 12 are up for pre-order

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 1

That Magical Moment by Connor Crowe

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 2

Their Koala Omega by Lorelei M. Hart

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 3

Waiting in the Wings by Coyote Starr 

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 4

Picture Purrfect by Jena Wade 

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 5

Love Takes Flight by Leyla Hunt 

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 6

Omega's Surrender by Aria Grace & Lorelei M. Hart 

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 7

Cupid Must Be Crazy by Xander Collins 

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 8

A Hatchling for Valentine's by M.M. Wilde 

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 9

Omega, je t'aime by Summer Chase

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 10

Renewed Faith by Michael Mandrake  

Books up for pre-order

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 11

The Back-Up Date by Summer Chase and Trisha Linde

Vale Valley Season 2 Book 12

Bewitching Love by Giovanna Reaves

Renewed Faith RELEASED

Mateo and Father Lance's story continues...

Available to read FREE for Kindle Unlimited

While Mateo quarrels with his inner demons, Lance battles his conscience. 

Mateo’s has found his fated mate and to make their family complete, he longs for a baby. Despite the bliss, dark memories have come back to haunt him. These horrific reminders could hamper their attempt at creating a new life. 

Although Father Lance remains loyal to the church, protecting his partner reigns above all. Due to Mateo’s emotional breakdown, he’s forced to take a leave of absence. This sudden change from the priesthood to alpha father has weighed heavily on Lance’s mind, making him wonder if he should continue his role at Holy Father. 

Will Mateo overcome his nightmares and be able to carry their child? Can Lance find the zeal he once had to continue his life’s work?

Together, they must search for the answers to restore their faith in their commitment and each other. 

Renewed Faith is book 10 in the second season of the multi-author series about Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone in need of love and a home. It is the continuation of Mateo and Lance’s book, Breakable Faith. 

This story is an omegaverse with the possibility of male pregnancy. Hot sex, romance, knotting, are included along with sweetness. Might need your rosary and holy water for this one!

Warning: Flashbacks detailing a violent attack and potential rape.

Sneak Preview at Unforgettable Faith

Father Joseph Janna made quite an impression on me while writing Renewed Faith, so of course that meant he wanted his own book. 

The tiger shifter isn't like his counterpart Father Lance Mulroney. He's a priest with a checkered past that unfortunately, he cannot fully remember. 

Wolf shifter and business man Diego Carmona is from Mateo's old neighborhood. He knows a thing or two about turning his life around. After seeing Mateo find his fated, he wonders if his is in Vale Valley too. 

When these two men met, the initial meeting isn't pleasant, but Diego can't help the way he feels for the sexy priest with sharp tongue. 

I'm anticipating some hot times with this duo, so stay tuned to Michael's page for more!

Flashback to Vale Valley first season!

If you're a fan of MPreg and gay romance, the Vale Valley books are a must read. The books are standalones and neither season has to be read in order. (Other than myself and M.M. Wilde who wrote the same couples)

Here's the complete list from Vale Valley Season One!

#1: Mated Under The Mistletoe  by Connor Crowe

#2 : Twice as Joyful by Lorelei M Hart

#3 : Three Roses by Alice Shaw

#4 : A Swan For Christmas by M.M. Wilde

#5 : Five Gold Rings by Xander Collins

#6 : His Christmas Lullaby by Leyla Hunt

#7 : A Holiday Magic Mixup by Quinn Michaels 

#8; Breakable Faith by Michael Mandrake 

#9 : Omega, It's Cold Outside by Coyote Starr

#10 : O Little Town of Vale Valley by Summer Chase

#11 : The Drummer's Heartbeat by Giovanna Reaves

#12 : A Bundle of Joy by Various Authors

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