Autumn leaves

What a year it’s been so far! It’s hard to believe we’re already in September and fast approaching the Autumn!

By October, Autumn is in full swing! ‘The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’

October is significant for many things – the beauty of the changing leaves, bringing in the harvest, Halloween, and also a couple of self-empowerment campaigns – Stoptober – a 28 day national stop smoking challenge is set to return for its 4th year. And there is also, ‘Go Sober for October’ – the annual campaign which asks people to go booze-free in order to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and become a ‘Soberhero’.

Over lockdown, many people have found themselves struggling with food & substance addictions and are now seeking ways of regaining control. Stoptober and SoberOctober may be ideal ways of starting afresh. However, if you are needing additional help, then, as you know, my coaching & hypnotherapy techniques can bring about fast, effective, safe & sustainable change.

10% of my profits in October will go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Many of us have habits that we would like to change - Learn more about breaking habits in my article below …

Autumn Offers - £65 discount off select packages. £50 off Stop Smoking Session.
Autumn Offer
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What is a Habit?

A habit is a routine behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. Habits are reflexes – positive or negative – that create the parameters for us to live our lives comfortably or uncomfortably.

Many people have habits that they would rather not have, however sadly, most people never truly break their habits. Year after year, they slip into the same patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Sometimes, it is just one pattern that is behind what they see as several unrelated incidents, and they never realise that they have been repeating the same script since childhood.

Read More About Habits
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New Location in Stockbridge!

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Please do forward this email to anyone you know who might be feeling overwhelmed and anxious due to the present state of the world. I can help. 

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