Calendars: It's about time.

Join the Fight.

Ravat paired with Wisp- or will you triumph using a Vi-Igrath combo?  Get ready to rumble in Chicago, during Midwest Furfest.   Sign-ups close Saturday the 30th, so if you want in be sure to sign up today.

Prizes TBA.

The Fanfiction contest is live. Any writers who haven't submitted yet, hop in, deadline is noon Nov. 27th.  Readers dive into the gallery now to fall in love with your favorites- stay tuned here for the link to deliver your vote over Thanksgiving weekend.  

Calendars are on the way!  Daymaster, Vi, and Namah packs have sold out, but we still have some Vanth character packs, and less than ten regular calendars (with sticker sheets) available.  Snag yours now.  We're excited to share a colorful year with you.

USA customers will receive calendars by Christmas.  It there's any other loot you want by then, order before Cyber Monday and we'll be sure to deliver.  Mike Rosen's Firebrat is in season- understand the Santa Threat or enjoy the holidays at your peril.

Resolution pays off- Volume 5 continues updating every week.  This page I was very excited to start showcasing some military tactics, from a secret portion of Anduruna's history.  Thank you, backers!  You guys are making all this possible.

It's your good will and support that allows these comics, animations, books, games, and more to come to life.  Every bit helps- more resources can start to pull in cleanup animators and level designers for the video game work, and maybe even some funding for voice acting...  So if you know anyone that might enjoy Vivid content, make them an insider and share.


We'll continue doing all we can, and looking forward to bringing you new worlds to enjoy.

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