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First Book of New Orleans Nights On Sale

Lady of the Night

First, welcome to all my new subscribers who arrived via BookSweeps. We're so glad to have you with us.

When BookBub agrees to run a listing in their daily deals newsletter, an author won't say no. So when Lady of the Night was chosen to run on November 23rd, I was delighted. Formerly $4.99, Lady is now just  $.99 until the beginning of 2021. 

The New Orleans Nights series features three boyhood friends, all grown up now: Joshua, a psychologist, Sam, a police officer, and "Skeeter" an artist content to display his work on a fence in Jackson Square. Lady of the Night is Joshua's story, Bayou Midnight is Sam's and Night Magic is Skeeter's. Night Magic is a new additionwritten two years ago to finish out the series which was originally published by Silhouette Books.

I'm not sure if there are any Christmas scenes in the series, but I hope you'll enjoy reading it during your down time over the holiday.

And A Discount From My Publisher, Too

I'm delighted to announce another price cut, too. One Mountain Away is now on sale for $1.99. Visit my page for bookstore links and while you're there, scroll down a bit and enjoy the video book trailer created by my son. 

One Mountain Away is the first book of my Goddesses Anonymous series. My publisher surprises me with these discounts and I'm often the last to know when they end. So if you're tempted, now's the right moment.

Holiday Gifts for Reader Friends

For fun I've been checking out the perfect gift for readers this season. Of course books are wonderful, as are eReaders and bookstore gift cards. But do you want a few more ideas? 

The candles above are from Noble Objects, and guess what? They actually smell like old books or at least the contents of the story. Wow, the nostalgia!  The Wizard of Oz candle claims to smell like a historic bookstore. Imagine that? See what you think.

Shutterfly has a great list of literary themed gifts which includes jewelry, items made from book pages, bookends and bookmarks, and bedding to snuggle under as you read. Some of my favorites were the book lamp and the Alice in Wonderland bottles. If you have an Alice fan in your house, your gift search is over.

See what you think.

A Different Kind of December

These days it's hard to know what each day will bring. Wishing friends and family the best is an ingrained tradition, but since 2020 has been different from start to finish, shouldn't our holiday wishes be a little different, too?

I searched for some relevant messages for holiday cards. Not just inclusive greetings, but those that address what many of us are feeling. I found these suggestions at Paperless Post. What do you think?

New Year? Yes, Please!

This will be our year.

From our bubble to yours.

Wish we were Christmasing together.

You’re essential to me.

I’m dreaming of a better Christmas.

While I don't think we can pretend that this hasn't  been a bitterly divisive and painful 2020, with far too many losses worldwide, perhaps in spite of that, we've learned a few things to carry into 2021. 

  1. Good people we'll never meet are fighting to save our lives.
  2. Technology and creativity can bring us together.
  3. Old-fashioned skills like baking bread, feeding sourdough, and planting a garden are still rewarding.
  4. Family and friends are more important than we knew.
  5. Memories, like photos, are worth pulling out and reliving.

I've learned or re-learned how grateful I am for being allowed to tell you the stories that live in my head and heart. And I'm grateful for the many ways that you show gratitude and friendship, as well.

2021 will bring an exciting giveaway here, so join us again in January.

In the meantime, however you plan to celebrate, carefully with friends and family six feet apart and masked, or alone with memories, let me wish each of you a safe and blessed December. 

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