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26 July 2020

Your weekly newsletter from Yeadon Methodist Church

Dear Friends

The Church Council met this week (via Zoom !) and decided to reopen the church for Sunday services in September. Full details will be announced later but inevitably things will be very different from what we used to do before coronavirus. Some other activities will also be able to restart with all necessary safety measures in place.

Some people will be keen get back, others will be more cautious. During this period we will continue to keep in touch in a variety of ways – by phone, email, letter and a monthly Zoom service. We simply don’t know when we’ll all be able to meet together in church. In the meantime, we’ll work out together a new and more varied way of being the church. Within this variety, I hope you will find the place that’s right for you.

This Sunday we have another live Zoom service at 10.30am (join from 10.15). The attached order of service gives full details of how to take part. If you can, please have a printed copy of the order of service (or a copy of Singing the Faith) to hand so that you have the words of the hymns. The preacher will be Matt Burland and you’ll have the option of chatting in church groups after the half-hour service. You can hear the service on your landline phone if you don’t have internet access.

This summer Rev Lesley Taylor moves from our Circuit to Harrogate and we wish her well. In next week's newsletter, Superintendent minister Tim Perkins will explain the consequent changes in the way the Circuit’s ministers will be deployed.

With best wishes,


Join us on ZOOM at 10.15am TODAY !

Click on the image below to hear Bernadette Farrell's song based on Psalm 139 'O God, you search me and know me' 

(Hymn 728 in 'Singing the Faith')

This week's 'Unpacking the Parables' verse & reflection is included in a separate newsletter which will arrive in your inbox shortly after this.

Thank you !

From Elizabeth Hoyle: Thank you to Joan and friends at Yeadon for good wishes and prayers following my spinal surgery. I am currently enjoying the “delights “ of Seacroft as I reside in a recovery hub (Yeadon might have been a bit more convenient!). Hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m able to return home. 

I may see you Zooming this morning.
Every blessing, Elizabeth

[Contribution from Sue Dixon]

'This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith' (1John 5:4)

It is easy to love Him when the blue is in the sky,

When the summer winds are blowing we smell the roses nigh;

There is little effort needed to obey His precious will

When it leads through flower-decked valley, or over sun-kissed hill.
It is when the rain is falling, or the mist hangs in the air,

When the road is dark and rugged, and the wind no longer fair,

When the rosy dawn has settled in a shadowland of grey,

That we find it hard to trust Him, and are slower to obey.
It is easy to trust Him when the singing birds have come,

And their songs of praise are echoed in our hearts and in our home;

But it's when we miss the music, and the days are dull and drear,

That we need a faith triumphant over every doubt and fear.
And our blessed Lord will give it; what we lack He will supply;

Let us ask in faith believing - on His promises rely;He will ever be our Leader, whether smooth or rough the way,

And will prove Himself sufficient for the needs of every day.

Trusting even when it appears you have been forsaken; praying when it seems your words are simply entering a vast expanse where no one hears and no voice answers; believing that God's love is complete and that he is aware of your circumstances, even when your world seems to grind on as if setting its own direction and not caring for life or moving one inch in response to your petitions; desiring only what God's hands have planned for you; waiting patiently while seemingly starving to death, with your only fear being that your faith might fail - "this is the victory that has overcome the world"; this is genuine faith indeed. 

George McDonald (1824-1905) Scottish author

Walking Group ... boots on !!

Following the church council meeting on Thursday we are now able to restart the Wednesday Walking Group.

We will start on August 5th meeting OUTSIDE the Church Vestibule observing social distancing and do a local walk, this is to avoid car sharing. Face covering and gloves are a matter of personal choice but recommended along with personal hand sanitiser. 

The toilets will be available but each person is responsible for wiping anything they touch.

It will be good to get back.

From the Maintenance Team: This week we managed to work outside and we were altering rainwater pipes so that they actually discharged into the gulleys, cleaning some of the white upvc gutters and the block paving outside the hall. We also did our public service for the week by removing weeds and cutting back branches on South View Road so that it is now possible to walk on the footpath.

Birthday Greetings to Julie Boocock, of Guiseley, fame. Julie has kindly played the piano on several occasions for us at Yeadon but at the moment is probably making music at home & pleasing the neighbours. Happy Birthday Julie for this coming Wednesday the 29th July.

And early notice, so you can all get cards in the post for two of our own members: Margaret Slater who celebrates on the 5th of August Anne Marie Robson who celebrates on the 6th.

And finally ... I had to return to Tescos this week to swap 50 raisins for 100 sultanas.

Can't believe the currant exchange rate !

Keeping in touch

This newsletter is published every Sunday. Please help us to reach as many people as possible by forwarding this copy to anyone you think might like to read it.

We're aware that not everyone has internet access and so John, Kath, Chris & Norman are very kindly hand-delivering copies where that's the case. If that's you - or you know someone who would appreciate a paper copy - please let Joan Wilkinson know.

And if you'd like to contribute something - either email me at andrew@itsalearningcurve.co.uk or call me on 07810 327310.

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