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You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for...


Recently on March 22nd, we launched the new Nutella Lava Cookies on our website. Even with the lockdown and everything, the excitement for this one was very evident. And in just 4 months time, it has become one of the top 2 bestselling cookies at Dohful, the first one obviously being Choco Brownie Cookies.

The Choco Brownie Cookies have been the best selling cookie ever since Dohful started. Because where else would you get such a fudgy, chocolaty, thick, brownie-like cookie?

But for Nutella Lava Cookie to beat all the others and becoming the number 2 on our charts, I feel I can only take 50% credit. Because the other 50% of the well, just pure Nutella!

Yup, it's literally 50% Nutella. The Nutella Lava Cookie is even larger than the other lot, weighing a whopping 60 g per cookie, out of which 30 g is pure Nutella.

Nutella actually sells more than all nut butters in the market combined!

But the funny thing is till 2007, the world did not even know of it! You see, Italians, not very unlike Indians are conservative people. They believe in staying close to their roots and not biting more than they should.

Hence even after 30 years of launching Nutella, the max they ventured out was to all of Europe. Even in the other developed countries like the US, Nutella was rarely available, if at all in Italian specialty shops.

But there was one place where Nutella was abundantly available. And tourists from all over the world would get introduced to this yumminess through that - hotels all over Europe. People who traveled to Europe got introduced to Nutella through breakfast buffets where they fell in love with this hazelnut and chocolate elixir. Some even took it back to their homeland as gifts and souvenirs.

True story, my own introduction to Nutella was something like this, only far away from any European hotel. One of my Mom's best friends, while travelling back from Congo had brought a bag full of chocolates and sweet delicacies for the family as a gift. In that, was a bottle of Nutella.

It was the year 2008, I was studying engineering and was back home for the weekend. So, while packing to go back to my hostel, I kind of stole that Nutella bottle and took it back with me.

And without even knowing it, I had opened the pandora's box for myself and all my friends. I remember the four of us sitting in my hostel room and polishing the whole bottle off, spoon after spoon, and wondering what on earth made it so delicious.

We were addicted. But for all our desire to buy and have it again, we couldn't find the damn thing anywhere near our college in Pune. And that's exactly what happened to the tourists all over the world, especially the US.

But as more and more people came in touch with Nutella, they became fans and soon the whole world was demanding it by thousands per day. Ferrero Rocher company had no choice but to supply what has now become one of the only foods in the world with a cult following!

As for us, we're the cult members ourselves and wouldn't mind recruiting anyone we know into it!

Check out the Nutella Lava Cookie here. It's surely worth a try! 

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