My Magnum Opus.

Fresh out of High School.

I had a long boring night job as a janitor in a large office space. I had the whole floor to clean, basically, dump the trash, wipe the ashtrays, vacuum and leave. In the middle of this huge array was a large xerox machine.

Totally unethical.

I would get me fired if I got caught. I used the xerox machine to print 20 copies of my comic book (it was kind of a magazine format actually, with stories and pictures). There wasn't any fear of being discovered while operating the machine, after about two years or so no one ever came into the office floor, or at least it was a rarity. I had a large plastic waste tub on wheels with my cleaning supplies. It had a trash bag wrapped around its rim, and I could keep the original pages stashed underneath. It felt like some kind of espionage or prison story.

After maybe two sessions with the machine I had enough pages copied (black and white) where I could give them away to my friends. It was touch and go with trying to print them on the opposite side correctly, loading the pages back into the bins and hoping the machine wouldn't jam! Luckily nothing went wrong with the copier, no one surprised me in mid-scanning. I had the pages with me, ready to staple them together when I got home. Finishing up with the vacuuming and putting the machine in the closet I decided to take one last look at the copy room to see if everything was in order. I lifted the scanning bed lid and found an original page left on the glass! I'm glad I checked...

... as it was, I managed to pull off this little crime without incident.

Was there anything you did to make your art in the past which would have gotten you fired/arrested?


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