$2.5 million to improve health of First Nations families

[by Leanne Miles]

A program that is already showing unprecedented success in improving the health and employment outcomes of First Nations families has been awarded $2.5 million in funding through the National Health and Medical Research Council.

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New standards for men’s anti violence programs

[by Mandy Taylor]

Tangentyere has operated a Men’s Behaviour Change program since 2014, informed and supported by the Tangentyere Women’s Family Safety Group, and in recent years, with the Tangentyere Men’s Family Safety Group.

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Aboriginal flag copyright investigation findings released

[Jade Gailberger, news.com.au]

Labor says if the government is unable to negotiate an outcome it should compulsorily acquire the licences to enable free use of the flag and its design for Aboriginal individuals, communities and organisations as well as the general public for non-profit purposes.

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Kimberley Girl program is changing lives

[Tyne Logan, ABC]

Kimberley Girl founder and former international model Kira Fong, who this year received an Order of Australia medal for her ongoing community work and service to the Indigenous community, said the program was far more than just a beauty pageant.

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