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Music At My House Newsletter #1

Hi ,

Welcome to the first Newsletter from Music At My House. We have had fantastic interest and already made bookings! - All of which means work for the artists in these barren times.

The new rules from Boris do not go as far as we had hoped but, nevertheless, there is some cause for optimism - I have outlined the current situation for the UK and Ireland below. It will evolve of course...

We now have twenty-six outstanding acts on the website. Please do go and have a look, it's growing all the time. There are some great bargains as well - just ask for a quote!

We have also come up with a new concept Music Near Your House which is all about weekend breaks to near where the artist lives.

Take a moment to read the news items below!

Safe & Easy

Matt Bartlett
Music At My House

Midnight Mango

P.S It would be great if you could help spread the word on your profiles!

Music Near Your House...

One of my friends asked me to cost bringing an artist from Northern Ireland to London to perform. It turned out to be prohibitive with flights, car hire, hotels etc not to mention the hassle. She then suggested they fly to the artist's town and tie it into a weekend break. Then they could stay in a hotel and the act could come and perform there or in the hotel grounds. I thought this was a really great idea.

The performance could be literally anywhere - it wouldn't have to be in the hotel it could be somewhere else near by... I think there is real room for creativity here.

I have updated the website with the city or county where each act lives so customers can look at options that could work for them. Soon I hope to make real suggestions of hotels with which we can partner.

Rules in the UK and Ireland

One thing we do know is that the rules are slowly easing, we will adapt to these rules as time goes by. We will be agile and react as they change...

Generally, with the exception of The Irish Republic live concerts are not yet allowed. Tho more news is coming very soon - at least in England.

Here is some detail... it gets complicated!

The rules are slightly different for each of the nations of the UK and in the Irish Republic. Restrictions in Northern Ireland and Ireland have eased a bit further than England, Scotland and Wales.

Here are some official links

This link for guidance in the UK as interpreted by the BBC..

More detail regarding Northern Ireland Here.

Really detailed link for the Irish Republic.

For England " Two households of any size will be able to meet indoors or outside." So, as long as the act is from one household and host is from the other, the act can travel to meet the other one... but...

The guidance also says "Theatres and concert halls will not be able to host live performances - but the prime minister said the government would work with the arts industry on specific guidance to enable choirs, orchestras and theatres to resume live events as soon as possible" So we wait to hear regarding the timetable back to performances in venues. It's not entirely clear if that applies to this format but to err on the side of caution, we will be taking our lead from the rules which apply to venues - tho I am seeking specific authoritative advice as it applies to this format - watch this space!

For Wales & Scotland, They are expected to follow a similar line as England, but will not announce until early July.

For Northern Ireland the key difference is that more households can meet tho it is limited to six people.

For The Irish Republic, concerts are allowed but there has to be a risk assessment.

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