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Today, we start with a look at how F1 has adopted e-sports as a way to transfer their missing Grand Prix online. We continue with the weekly news, ending on a high note with a news nugget from the betting world.

F1 and E-sports - a match made in heaven?

Adoption of E-sports is a significant part in the projected Gaming market surpassing 200 Billion in revenue by 2023. We believe that the Covid-19 lockdown has pushed this adoption further.

Formula 1, and other racing games, are sitting in a special place, where gaming simulators (racing wheel and pedals) are relatively inexpensive and the racing games offer a very high simulation of reality. This enables mere mortals to sit in front of their computer screen and experience the force feedback similar to a regular racing car. Other games, such as First Person Shooters or Basketball, Soccer and other sports, do not offer this transition from the real to the virtual world.

The current lockdown has presented a unique opportunity, where the cancelled Formula 1 Grand Prix have moved completely online, with real-world Formula 1 drivers playing, competing and streaming on the same gaming setups you and I can buy. Not only that, but the field includes some streamers and young drivers as well. 

Why is this significant? Because seeing a driver that had won multiple Grand Prix last year focus, compete, work on his pit strategy and celebrate as if he won a Grand Prix offline will ultimately pull offline fans into the game, as well as legitimize the online version of the F1 E-sports series.

It is then no surprise that many racing wheels are now sold out and that Formula 1 is now interested in offering a full-blown simulation game on top of the current F1 2020 game offered by Codemasters. 

FaZe Clan, Pittsburgh Knights, and NRG are looking to join the LCK in 2021

The League of Legends Championship Korea is moving to a franchised format next year, and if a recent report is anything to go by, some of esports biggest organisations are looking to get in on the action.

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Evil Geniuses reveals ‘final phase’ of rebrand and LG UltraGear deal

North American organisation Evil Geniuses has unveiled what it calls the “final phase” of its rebrand, including a new logo that more closely resembles the original.

Evil Geniuses, which was founded in 1999, unveiled a rebrand in December of 2019 that dramatically changed the logo and jersey designs from an “EG” monogram to text.

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‘Vodafone Giants’ close a €3 million funding round

Spain’s Vodafone Giants group has closed its most recent funding round to raise EUR 3million. The funding comes from José Antonio Sánchez Cózar Group solely.

Cózar is joining current shareholders Gabriel Saenz de Buruaga, Alejandro Beltrano, Luis Ferrandiz and Lolito Fernández in the company’s new headquarters in Malaga and to grow and “create new goods” globally.

‘The closing of our Spanish esports club’s highest round has reinforced our company’s good health. A significant partner’s integration and confidence reaffirm the progress that Giants experienced last year. The national esports industry will continue to be driven and will continue to grow as an entertainment enterprise.”

Vodafone Giants CEO, José Ramón Díaz

Throughout the year 2020, the Spanish company worked together with Chupa Chups, Font Vella, the sportswear giant, and Sevilla FC Football Clubb.

“On the one hand, it is a unique opportunity to join a sector with a high level of potential for growth and value development with the best possible partners. Cózar comments on the decision to invest in the organisation. And it is also a strategic step towards our work in the area of technical training.

SIS to optimise Bet365’s esports offerings

UK-based betting solutions company Sports Information Services (SIS) has inked a deal with Bet365 to optimise the sportsbook’s esports betting services.

SIS, which revealed its esports betting product SIS Competitive Gaming at ICE London in February, will debut its end-to-end solution with Bet365.

"“SIS competitive gaming is designed specifically to appeal to existing sports bettors in a format that is familiar, with fast paces action that allows multiple betting opportunities. Quality and integrity has been built into the product from inception.”

Part of the offer will see SIS esports product rolled out across the bet365 platform. This will include live-streamed events, commentary, betting triggers embedded onto the on-screen presentation and the provision of a wealth of data on betting markets, as well as an extensive range of different betting markets and prices on esports

One of the most exciting developments will be the ability to bet on live head-to-head competitions between gamers, such as games that take place in the SIS Blitz League, which allows punters to enjoy NBA2K betting as well as watching the games unfold.

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