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Save 80 Percent on The Bride's Secret

I wanted you to be the first to know about a huge, limited-time sale on my The Bride's Secret, which is on sale for $.99. This marriage-of-convenience story regularly sells for $4.99. It's the third book in the Brides of  Bath series but the most stand-alone book of them all. This was first published by Zebra Historicals (Kensington Books) in 2002 under the title A Fallen Woman. Readers (who've rated it 4.3 stars on tell me my heroine, Carlotta, not only redeems herself in this book, but her poignant story makes them cry. RT BookClub said, " A story of healing, forgiveness and change that will make readers cheer."

Here's a description of it:

Since his commanding officer in the Peninsula took a bullet meant for him, James Moore, now the Earl of Rutledge, feels responsible for the dead man's young son and the boy's exquisite mother, Carlotta Ennis – so responsible that he offers to marry the lavender-eyed beauty. Though their marriage was not to be a love match, Carlotta's torturing presence has James yearning to make her his true wife.

Though she did not love his lordship, her desperate situation forced her to accept his proposal. Little did she know she would come to crave being with him, would hunger for his every touch. If only she could be worthy of the fine man she's married, if only she can keep him from learning her dark secret . . .

Read an excerpt here.

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Win autographed books

The winner of my newest drawing will receive an autographed copy of my lighthearted With His Lady's Assistance as well as an autographed copy of Shana Galen's If You Give a Rake a Ruby. I'm sure many of you have already read Shana's clever Regency adventures, but if you haven't you're in for a fun read.

To enter, click to follow me at and Bookbub (if you have not already done so), and then enter your email at Rafflecopter.

Drawing to be held August 31.

Recent contest winners:

Confirmed winners of my last contest for British magazines were:

Stephanie Halcomb, Sally Hannouch, Rina Horenian, Nancy Hummel, Laura Love, and Vicki Schuler. (Looks like Rafflecopter homed in on those with last names starting with H!)

Congratulations to Mary Gallo, who won my second quarter drawing for a $50 gift card.

Lords of Eton Update

Regrettably, I'm only at the 50 percent mark in the third Lords of Eton book, Last Duke Standing. I had hoped to be finished in September, but I've had a few setbacks, timewise. There were the six days I spent in Denver for the conference of the Romance Writers of America. I was the keynote speaker for the Beau Monde mini conference the day before the RWA conference, and that also took a while to compose.

Then--almost one year after Hurricane Harvey put a few inches of flood water into my antique shop on Galveston Island (where I'd rented a booth for many years), I made the decision to get my stuff out of storage and move into two different booths in two different cities. Each of those took two weeks, so another month was lost.

I still plan a 2018 publication date. In the meantime, here's a description of it:

As the third son of the Duke of Fordham, Alex never thought he'd become a duke. But he's suddenly catapulted to the lofty title after his slightly older brother dies in his sleep. Now Alex has the onerous task of announcing the death to the woman his brother was to wed.

Ever pragmatic, Lady Georgiana Fenton insists on seeing the late duke's body, and when she does, she's convinced he was smothered as he slept. She and the new duke decide to secretly work together to uncover the murderer. But the longer they're together, the harder it becomes to resist the duke's scorching kisses--and even harder to dismiss him from the list of suspects. No one had more to gain by her fiancé's death. . .

Have you read the first 2 Lords of Eton?

You can still get them.

The Portrait of Lady Wycliff

On the death of her no-good husband, the young, stunningly beautiful--and penniless--widow Louisa Phillips accepts an offer of financial security from the Earl of Wycliff. All she has to do is travel across England posing as his wife in the quest of his late mother's missing portrait. They're both hiding secrets – not the least of which is their budding love for each other.

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The Earl, the Vow and the Plain Jane

Plain penniless spinster Miss Jane Featherstone helps the man she loves, Lord Slade, woo an heiress to fulfill a deathbed promise to his father.

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