June 2020

Agency News

Just like that, we've made it halfway through the year.

After nearly three months of a world in lockdown, we are starting to see the beginning phases of openings around the globe. For example, June 3rd, Italy reopened its borders to international travelers, though all visitors must follow a 14-day quarantine period following their arrival. 

As we move closer to the reopening of the world, we wanted to use this newsletter as an opportunity to educate our travelers on how to stay safe and how we can support you through this time.

  • Creating safe itineraries As mentioned previously, slowly but surely, the world is beginning the first stages of countries reopening their borders to travelers. With that being said, our agents are monitoring country-by-country restrictions and planning routes that are mindful of affected areas as well as temporarily suspended routes.
  • Support with any changes to itineraries Due to COVID-19, many flights around the globe have been canceled for many reasons. Agents are working proactively to monitor changes and make the necessary adjustments.

EWA Travel is cognizant of the current times we are in and will continue to offer the same level of personalized service to each client. Should you require assistance at this time, you can rest assured that our agents are working diligently to ensure you're knowledgable and are supported throughout the process.

EWA Travel COVID-19 resource center

At EWA Travel, we take pride in our commitment to educating our travelers on the latest news in what may affect their plans — COVID included. For that reason, EWA Travel has dedicated a page on our site to provide resources to our travelers. For resources on the latest in reopenings around the globe, health information, and more, please visit our website.

Travel News

Travel on the rise?

American Airlines' flights were 56% full over Memorial Day weekend. Though the airline is flying only 20% of its schedule, the increase in demand is apparent. American is slowly adding more flights in response. This could be the beginning of the rebound of travel since the effects of COVID-19.

Lufthansa's efforts to keep you safe

Lufthansa recently announced its protective measures to keep travelers safe. Protective measures include creating physical distance, reducing contact, and increasing hygiene measures. 

American Airlines returning to normalcy

In July, American Airlines will resume more than half of its domestic schedule. With improving demand for travel, American plans to operate 55 percent of its domestic schedule in July and August.

Medical certificate required to reenter South Korea

Foreign residents of South Korea must present a medical certificate of good health prior to reentering the country. In order to curb non-essential travel, travelers are also required to do mandatory 14-day isolation. "Non-citizens without a place to isolate are provided lodgings at government-assigned hotels and other accommodations attended by medical personnel.

Plan for an additional 14 days for UK trips

Recently, the UK government confirmed plans that insist on a 14-day quarantine for nearly all air passengers. It’s now mandatory that you provide information about your journey alongside your contact details before you land here.

Emirates to resume long-haul flights

On May 21, 2020, Emirates resumed regularly scheduled flights to 9 destinations after suspending flights for 2 months. By June 15th, the airline will fly to 29 destinations.

Middle seats remain open on Southwest flights

In an effort to maintain physical distance between passengers, Southwest has opted to temporarily block off middle seats through at least July 31. The airline is preparing to resume flights to a number of destinations as more areas in the Caribbean begins to open up to tourists.

Travel Resources

EWA Travel's resources to COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought much uncertainty to the travel space. For that reason, EWA Travel has compiled a list of resources for travelers to reference to stay abreast of the latest news in the industry.

State-by-state reopenings

For those traveling domestically, the Washington Post has offered an in-depth breakdown of the openings in the U.S. Use this to give you 

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