# 19, 1-31 January, 2017

Hate speech/Incitement of violence

Pirweli news agency, 8 January, Marshalpress, 8 January,
Darejan Liparteliani, journalist: „
I am against violence, but this unmanly creature [Nika Gvaramia] should be beaten every day, you should rip off his face and break his head... He is getting what he deserves now, bastard! You Nationals and his supporters can insult me now, I don’t care!“, 19 January
Rezo Amashukeli, poet:
"I don’t comment about chicken. This is a chicken with moustache [Roman Gotsiridze], who is an unrealized economist, and they want to appoint him, they also want another [Megi] Gotsitidze, who looks like a mother swine… Let them do whatever they want, they are the same kind of rubbish, and if the government does not take care of them the people will finish them"

Pirweli news agency, 8 January
Giorgi Zerekidze, “former political prisoner”
: “Gvaramia should be beaten twice a day, first because he is Gvaramia, and then because he is being impudent!"


Obiektivi, Night Studio, 25 January
David Tarkhan-Mouravi, Patriots Alliance:
”Turkey is our friend!” It is historical enemy, and they don’t know it, they keep saying it’s historical friend, but let someone explain to me, why are we giving this historical enemy, who for them is a friend, a million dollars as a gift every year?!“

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 16 January
Gubaz Sanikidze, United Democratic Movement:
„Muslim clerics should not be educated abroad. The Shia are going to Iran and lately have started to go to Iraq... The Sunni are going to Turkey and Saudi Arabia... There is Caucasian Islam, which we know nothing about. It could be exemplary for us, but we don’t pay attention to any of this.“

Maestro, Line of Fire, 22 January 
Jondi Baghaturia, Georgian Group:
"Is Turkey not an occupier? No? So you agree that Oshki, Khakhuli, Bana are part of Turkey and the Turkish culture?"  [Addressing Gia Japaridze]

Marshalpress, 12 January
Shalva Khachapuridze, lawyer:
"This [night clubs] is a mostly Turkish business, but the Turks, Arabs and people from other Muslim countries are allowed to enter. I have been abroad, but never seen anything like this. On one side sit Georgian women, on another – Muslim men, and there is an open trade going on. It is horrible both inside and outside the building".

Asaval-Dasavali, 23-29 January
Simon Kiladze, Reasearcher of history of diplomacy:
„Turkey was waiting for a good moment to invade Georgia and take Adjara and Javakheti! As soon as the Wehrmacht entered Georgia from the north, Turks would invade as well! So, Hitler’s Germany and Turkey would divide Georgia like a tasty cake! But, thank God, that did not happen!”

Saqinform, 16 January
Arno Khidirbegishvili, chief editor:
„No Georgian man can accept what is happening there [in the night clubs]! Better later than never – the Prime Minister [Giorgi Kvirikashvili] has just found out what all Georgia has known for a long time - that in the middle of the capital, below the Roses Square, there is a large brothel where Georgian ladies, including minors, give sexual services to Arabs and Turks"… "But nothing is surprising after Georgians have been so patient with one impudent Turk and his dirty company - C.T.Park, who are raping all cars in Tbilisi".

Alia, 30 January -5 February
Nana Sulava, journalist:
“Beyond Sarpi, where Georgian women who are looking for jobs sell their bodies, many of them just to provide for themselves somehow. Some of them manage to get new marriage licenses and even change their faith. The motherland has been turning blind eye on this for 25 years, and the rulers don’t care!.. That is why the world beyond Sarpi has grown so impudent. During Saakashvili’s time it first invaded Plekhanov [Avenue], and now is walking all over the city, opening new sex services, while the law enforcers refuse to notice that this filth has even reached into private homes in Tbilisi“.

Rezonansi, 25 January
Mari Chitaia, journalist:
"Meet I becoming much more expensive, Turks are buying up Georgian products” [headline] …The price of beef is growing in Turkey, so now they are after the Georgian cattle… In the slaughterhouses of Samtskhe-Javakheti they say that people in the local villages have no cattle left, because the Turks are massively taking it from the region".


Obiektivi, Night Studio, 25 January
David Tarkhan-Mouravi, Patriots Alliance:
„No the Indians are coming… Why should Indians buy here?! So Indians are buying land, do nothing, and rent it to Georgians. You see?! I live in Georgia, I am Georgian, a man from India rents Georgian land to me, who for some reason was allowed to buy this land, and that’s how he lives. That’s it, he lives by my work, and makes me work like a slave in my own country. Why?!“

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 31 January
Gigla Baramidze, United Democratic Movement
: "...There are several regions in Georgia where they bough lands, there was a business plan, saying that it was agricultural, and there were supposed to be credits, financing and income, but nothing has been done. They fenced it, built several cottages and brought their relatives from a foreign country, and they live there, and police cannot even enter to find out what’s happening there. If that’s how we want to give away the lands we have kept for centuries, we cannot allow this".

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 26 January

Vazha Otarashvili, Patriots Alliance:
„When you walk in the streets of the capital, you can see that they are full of the Arab, English and Chinese and various Indian inscriptions... And if you don’t know already that you are in Georgia, you cannot tell through these inscriptions that you actually are on the Georgian territory“.

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 24 January
Giorgi Akhvlediani, United Democratic Movement:
"...Agricultural lands in Georgia don’t interest European and American farmers, who could attract modern technologies to Georgia and bring in some development. No, our lands are of interest to the Indian farmers, Panjabi farmers, Pakistanis, Moroccans, Nigerians, who are interested in coming to Georgia, and to bring in a huge number of foreign workers"., 26 January
Sandro Bregadze, “The Nationals”:
„The Georgian Government!!! Wake up, you are not doing anything else, so do this at least. Prohibit persons from the Middle East and Africa from entering Georgia, prohibit giving them the right of residence, and quickly deport those who are already in Georgia.“

Saqinform, 16 January
Arno Khidirbegishvili, chief editor:
"How responsible is it to accept Syrian refugees in Georgia, while IDPs from Abkhazia and Samachablo have been living like dogs for so many years? Syrian refugees will get Georgian citizenship and buy houses here – that’s why none of them presently lives in the three-star residences prepared for them by the Ministry of Refugees! As the Minister of Justice has confirmed, there are no hindrances for them in Georgia, while in Europe they are not accepting Syrian refugees any more"., 13 January

Jaba Zhvania, journalist: "The present government and especially the parliamentary majority are the Judahs, who used to get Soros’s grants. To be sure, for them the state is only the means to get profit, so, due to fear that they might lose their pasture, they won’t make a disturbance. Soon these thousands of Arabs, Iraqis and Africans will be given Georgian passports, give them citizenship and lands. Thus “democracy” and multiculturalism in Georgia will rejoice.", 20 January
“The foreigners who don’t want to even see Georgian men and only invite women should be kicked out of there with batons. But for this the Prime Minister [Giorgi Kvirikashvili] should be not talking about it at the government meeting and the be proving his Georgianhood, but calmly give an order for the relevant agencies to do so.“, 20 January
Valeri Chkheidze, Lieutenant General
: "On Plekhanov, where I live, there are great many foreigners… They don’t look like tourists at all: there are Turks, Iranians, Arabs… I am sure 50% of tourists are illegal migrants. My profession tells me that they already are creating problems for our country, and in the future they will cause even more trouble.“

Rezonansi 10 January
Paata Koghuashvili, professor:
"Bringing land to the free market, where presently are no competitive citizens of Georgia, practically means transfer of all land fund of the country into foreign hands within one generations. Almost all citizens of Georgia will be left destitute, forced to move around the world"...

Asaval-Dasavali, 30 January - 5 February
Tamaz Kvlividze, inventor:
”Evil tongues” are already saying that the village is threatened not only by poverty, but by being filled by the Chinese and Arabs, and those are not anxious after hearing these words and who say nothing will be responsible before the future generations ...“

Religious discrimination, 31 January
David Mkheidze, author: „You remember perhaps how the Holy Synod, with its dishonest majority, adopted, despite the opposition from the Patriarch,  the law that equalized the Georgian Orthodox Church not only with the traditional faiths (Judaism, Catholicism, Islam), but even with the satanic sects (Baptists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc.).“


Kavkasia, Barieri, 11 January
Dimitri Lortkipanidze, „ United Democratic Movement:
“I have been and always will be of the opinion that the terminology of discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientations must be taken out of this law, because it creates the possibility of very damaging interpretations...  Because there is greater good that could be violated in this case, and democracy does not mean a dictatorship of the minority...
...The political force that is talking today about morals and values supported with the 100% of the parliamentary majority that anti-discrimination law, to avoid the damaging influences of which they supposedly began to talk about the constitutional regulation on the same-sex marriage, while they basically created this problem themselves... All these are the things that will never be established in Georgia, never...", 20 January
Levan Chachua, Georgian Idea:
“Private life is your family, bedroom and toilet... When you engage in sodomy or lesbian love in some hotel, that is not private life, but immorality and filth. And such people sit in the Parliament and say that those who spread this should be held responsible, but the don’t say that immoral men and women have no place in the public service, that such people should not be running the country and adopting laws, deciding policy priorities and ideology. I think, such people should be exposed and the society should reject them...", 26 January
Levan Chachua, Georgian Idea:
„I am sure, when normal government comes to power, these diminished people [LGBT community members] will be put into their place. This will happen through legislation and believe me, the law will be adopted that will prohibit any kind of immoral propaganda“., 23 January
David Nozadze, archpriest:
"Even if they don’t prohibit agitation of “sexual minorities”, in Georgia this must be done nevertheless, all kinds of nactions must be prohibited that propagates this unnatural way of life".

Asaval-Dasavali, 30 January - 5 February
Giorgi Razmadze, archpriest:
„Georgia is a country of such traditions that there shouldn’t be even a talk of sodomy. Shame on those Members of Parliament who have helped this propaganda, I mean the so called anti-discrimination law.“, 21 January, Asaval-Dasavali, 30 January - 5 February
David Isakadze, archpriest: “What for some is human rights, for the healthy-thinking part of the society is sin and immorality… I think that the legislation should be reviewed, and a number of amendments adopted by the Parliament should be abolished, for instance the anti-discrimination law, and also the existing juvenile justice.... I say again, Georgia will not accept sodomy and such perversities; this will not stand with Georgia and the Georgian people..."

Anti-Western sentiments

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 25 January
David Tarkhan-Mouravi, Patriots Alliance:
„Pseudo-liberalism, that actually is no liberalism, and that preached only no to the homeland, no to the faith, no to the nationality, no to sex even, no to ancestors. We hope that we were fighting against this, because we believe yes to everything, yes to the homeland, yes to the faith, yes to the nationality, yes to the language, yes to sex, yes to your ancestors, yes to your history...“

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 12 January
Levan Chachua, Georgian Idea
: „The labor and intellectual potential of the Georgian people, God forbid, as soon as this visa liberalization is finally agreed upon, these people will flee... When the intellectual and healthy potential of the country is about to go abroad, the government is preparing the draft law about selling land to the foreigners, and there will be more foreign settlements here...", 13 January
Iza Tamazashvili, author:
„According to the Association Agreement with the EU, they have taken the obligation to accept new refugees from the east, and have renewed selling lands to the foreigners. Do we want such EU that will multiply foreign people in Georgia and lead to the Georgians leaving the country?“

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 30 January
Nana Devdariani, Global Research Center:
„We should probably write into [the Constitution] that we belong to the Christian-Judean culture and heritage, then we are going to be right. But what about Europe having lost this Christian-Judean root, and the capability to openly acknowledge it. When they adopted the European constitution, they took the word ‘Christian’ out, because that would insult others, and by the way there was no migration crisis then...“

Gender Stereotypes/discrimination

Kavkasia, Spektri, 23 January
Nino Burjanadze, United Democratic Movement:
"...What does it matter to the Georgian women what Trump says about women [regarding women’s march]?! How is this their business: what president of America, or Philippines, or Great Britain, or Russia says during his election campaign..."

Marshalpress, 11 January
Givi Sikharilidze, actor:
"Of course, it is horrid and unacceptable to me when Georgian women, whether it’s a little girl or a grown-up, go to this filthy places [night clubs], where immoral disgusting things happen".

Imedi, Imedis Dro, 22 January
"If she deserves it, she [woman] should be beaten... When she does not listen to the spouse, runs ahead of him… It is right to punish a woman, when you cannot control her".

Asaval-Dasavali, 30 January - 5 February
Levan Jibghashvili, actor:
„It is a much greater sin for a woman to break up a family, than to have sex before marriage.“

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