Nothing like recreating a little history, eh?

Hey guys!

One of the historic details we've been excited to add back onto our beach duplex are the corbels along the roofline. A lot of the original charm of this house has been stripped out or mixed up over the years (for example, the wagon-wheel trim along the porch isn't original) so we've been clinging to the potential of those cool old corbels like crazy. 

The problem? They were in pretty rough shape when they were carefully removed - and many of them crumbled from deep wood rot during the process. Womp womp. 

The other problem is that we had already concocted a plan to not only reinstall all of the original corbels along the front and sides of the house - but also to continue them around the back AND add them to porch columns as well. Which means we'd need about 40 in total, but barely 10 were in usable shape.

A few hours of Internet searching turned up zero comparable options (they're surprisingly large and have a really unique shape on the side!). You can probably feel my sweat drops through your computer screen...

Thankfully our contractor Sean threw us a lifeline. He realized that the corbels were essentially 3 pieces of wood sandwiched together, and he could dissect one of the original corbels and make matching pieces on his scroll saw. So imagine how THRILLED we were when he texted us this picture around 10am today: 

I think Sean was equally relieved that it worked out and we've collectively cleared this hurdle. Of course they still need to be sanded and caulked and then primed and painted - but in the end they're going to look pretty darn identical to the originals.

The plan now is to use the reproductions (which are made from a long-lasting composite material) along the roofline and place the ten original corbels that we could salvage on the porch, where you'll be able to better appreciate them in all of their chippy, historic glory. You know since those are much closer to the eyeballs.

So excited!

Speaking of excitement, here are some other fun things you may have missed:

Did you see the awesome secondhand chairs I scored? The weird story about how I snagged them is in this week's podcast Episode #98.

We're doing our first e-course! It's called "Launch A Podcast" and it's with the team at A Beautiful Mess. They'll give you 15% off with code YHL15.

This amazing door is heading to the duplex tomorrow after a wonderful reader drove it to us from Philadelphia this weekend. The saga played out on Instagram last week if you missed it.

People don't seem to believe me, but this little black dress I wore to my niece's graduation party is from Old Navy. It's only $37 and it's comfortable & flattering (did I mention it's $37?!)

Hope you have an awesome week! 

xoxo, Sherry (& John)

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