Hell Ride

Produced by Dimension Films
Directed by Quentin Tarantino
watch it HERE.

Leaders of an evil biker gang known as the Six-Six-Sixers murder a member of the Victors over a drug money dispute. Years later they're back in town to settle some old business, and Pistolero, Leader of the Victors sees this as an opportunity to get revenge. He recruits two old friends, the Gent and Eddie Zero for help.

Looks good, but...

Quentin Tarantino is known for his flawless execution of story and character. That's for his A-game properties like Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction or Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. This was not one of those.

Hell Ride was made cheap on purpose. (See also 'Death Proof') Everything about this movie has a Roger Corman-esque low budget B-movie rushed feel to it.

This is Tarantino intentionally slumming it; playing out the story and getting it shot in 20 days with no money.

The visuals are there. Evocative composition and lighting. If nothing else, Tarantino always knew how to get the shot.

... steer clear.

B movies by nature don't demand too much of its audience. Back in the day of the drive-in, couples were too busy making out or getting stoned to pay attention. So long as you made the good guys and bad guys clearly defined in the first ten minutes you were gold. Finish it off with a grand finale of the bad guys getting theirs.

Want to watch bikers in action? Get a Hulu account and follow Sons of Anarchy. Let Hell Ride go straight on down the road and don't follow them.

Heck, this is just my opinion. Here's a link to a glowing review made in 2008 if you want one.

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