She's here! She's magical! She's YOURS!I The autographed Asylum Oracle deck is here, and she is ready to ship to you NOW! Ready to meet her?????
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The Asylum Emporium
The Asylum Oracle

She's here! She's magical! She's yours!

This limited run of only 1000 decks is shipping NOW, and the first 500 decks will be autographed at no additional charge! (As of this writing, there are 100 signed decks left.)

No expense was spared in the creation of the Oracle, and holding the deck in my hands, I remember why I did it...because to look inwards, to seek truth, is a sacred endeavor, and, if you are called to do this work, then you, my beloved friend, deserve the very, very best.

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Finally, I've created the Asylum Oracle specifically to tap into your subconscious truth and put you in touch with your own divine spirit, but it can also be used for divination, a tool for meditation, a path toward wholeness and healing, a creativity boost, or simply for daily inspiration and guidance direct from the Asylum to you! I am so excited to march on to the next level of our journey together as seekers, healers, artists, and fellow Inmates.

I am gift wrapping your Oracle now, will ship it to you with my own paws, and am including all my love, gratitude, and magic...

The Asylum Emporium
260 W 54th St., Suite 40C, New York
United States

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