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This week I'm back with some brand new sci-fi content!

Two fun things for you today...

1. RIFT by Nathan Hystad

  They’ve watched us for centuries through the Rift.

  They’ve prepared.

  Invasion is inevitable.

Grab a copy of Rift from Amazon.

This is a super fun-looking alien invasion and time travel novel that's on my personal to-be-read list.

This book is also in Kindle Unlimited, so it's free to read for subscribers or those who grab a free trial of KU.

Now that we're back to weekly book recommendations, I'll be sure to mix in some books available on all retailers (what authors call "wide") and in libraries, as well as some killer new fantasy I've read lately. We're mixing it up!

2. New from the blog: the music of science fiction

Ever wondered what inspired the most famous melodies of science fiction films? Sci-fi/fantasy author Chris Turner collects tracks from the most famous sci-fi composers in 5 Soundtrack Artists of Science Fiction and their Inspirations.

I've got some more fun content like this, both guest posts as well as classic SF short stories that I've sourced and curated, coming soon to the blog. If you like this sort of thing, be sure to let me know on social media, by replying to this email, or by posting in my Facebook group for fans.

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