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Book-to-movie mess-ups ...

This month's author question is due to inspiration from Ernie Taylor, thanks for a great suggestion! Here's the question:

What's the worst book-to-movie mess-up you've ever watched?

So think Hunger Games, Stephen King's It, The Godfather - there are so many book-to-movie choices. 

Let me know which is your choice of biggest movie disaster by replying to this email

There's a $10 Amazon voucher up for grabs for one entry selected at random and if you scroll down, you can see who won May's prize.

New Cover Reveal ...

I've teamed up with Adam Nicholls for my next brand new book release which is called Now You See Her. You can see our fabulous cover above and the date for your diary is Monday 9th September which is our release date. I've got big plans for multiple thriller releases coming up after summer - see the next panel to find out more! You may need to jot down some dates in your diary ... 

Ready, Get Set, Go!

I'm using a strategy called 'rapid release' starting September 9th - you're going to see a lot of books coming out :-) Here's September's list:

  1. Sept 9th - Now You See Her
  2. Sept 16th - Dead of Night (re-edited)
  3. Sept 23rd - One Last Chance
  4. Sept 30th - Friends Who Lie
The Running Man ...

Writing can be a sedentary occupation, so I've been working hard to improve my fitness recently. I've just completed my 23rd parkrun (these take place all over the world) and I've been trying different runs located around my part of the UK. If you'd like to follow my running updates, I post them here.

Have You Been Watching ...?

I've been watching some great TV recently and I just wanted to share a couple of favourites with you in this email. Firstly, I've raved about Gomorrah before, but season 4 is now available. We also watched a great sci-fi movie on Netflix over the past couple of weeks, and that's called I Am Mother - enjoy!

$10 Amazon Voucher Winner

Thanks very much if you sent an email response to last month's author question which was:

What would make you consider a book then decide not to go ahead and buy it?

The randomly drawn winner of the $10 Amazon voucher is Maria - congratulations, and thank you to everybody who got in touch.

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