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Scouting in Connecticut

In this edition there is information on restarting Scouting, Fundraising, Camp Kinda-Like-A, Interfaith Week, Scouts with Special Needs, Virtual Pinewood Derby, Jamboree, Scout Shop, and More!

BSA Safety Moment of the Week

With new guidelines coming out weekly from Office of Early Childhood which is the regulatory branch Scouting in Connecticut falls under. ,As such we will continue to update our Covid-19 page.  The most recent updates can be found on our Covid Page HERE!  

As we can began to restart in-person Scouting, the national office has provided a safety checklist to help units plan their next outing safely. Check out the checklist HERE

Fundraising for Scouts and Units

The Connecticut Rivers Council currently has two Council wide approved fundraisers to go along with unit fundraisers. Our fundraising vendors have some exciting announcements.  Trinity Solar is offering their usual,  for a qualified consultation the unit gets $100 per consult.  NEW* If an installation happens the unit will get $500!!!  To schedule your consult that will benefit your unit contact or for more information contact  For Trail's End check out the tips on social distancing selling in the picture below.  Register your unit for the 2020 sale now! Click here: once you've registered, sign in, add additional team members in the Unit Info section to the Trail's End Leader Portal! 


Camp Kinda-Like-A

Sign up Today!

Camp Kinda-Like-A has now over 500 Scouts registered. Make sure your Cub Scout and Scout BSA youth doesn't miss out on this unique summer adventure! We have a virtual camp experience complete with program, camp fires, merit badges/adventures, guest speakers and more. Check out the Camp Kinda-Like-A HQ in the link below and now introducing some specialty weeks! 

Camp Kind-Like-A HQ

With COVID-19 cancelling many summer programs, the National Religious Relationships Committee has decided to take our summer Philmont Training Center Conferences online. During the week of June 29th-July 5th, we are offering over 60 classes, crafts, games, discussions, and more through Zoom and Social Media.  To download the Information Packet with all the class sessions and times, click here.  Registration is required to attend any of the Zoom events during this free event. 

Interfaith Week Registration
Scouts with Special Needs

Our Scouts with Special Needs Committee is doing a Virtual Campfire in honor of the ADA 30th Anniversary! Check it out on the committees page here Scouting with Special Needs, CRC, BSA also check out the teaser video below! 

Virtual Pinewood!!!

Last Day to Sign up is Thursday! Drop your cars off no later than Friday at noon to either Mattatuck or Workcoeman!

Virtual Pinewood Derby

Scouting’s flagship event is one-of-a-kind. It’s a gathering of tens of thousands of Scouts, leaders, and Jamboree Service Team members that showcases everything that is great about the Boy Scouts of America. Over the course of 10 summer days, once every four years, the Boy Scouts of America gathers together. Scouts and Scouters who attend will explore all kinds of adventures—stadium shows, pioneer village, Mount Jack hikes, adventure sports and more—in the heart of one of nature’s greatest playgrounds. With 10,000 acres at the Summit to explore, there’s no shortage of opportunities to build Scouting memories.


Scout Shop opens on July 7th!

Other News

2020 Southern Region Eagle Project of the Year: Giving veterans a place to call home

A challenge for Scouts: Let’s work together to make the world a better place

“Jaws” turns 45 this weekend. Do you remember the Scout reference?

Conduct 7 Sweet Candy Experiments

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