2024 has arrived! We wish you all a fantastic New Year!

2023 marked a year of substantial evolution for NomadMania. We  revamped our platform, enriched our travel lists, introduced exciting features, and hosted unforgettable events.

Our annual review, with its detailed month-by-month breakdown, invites you to explore these achievements and join us in celebrating the journey we've embarked on together.

For a comprehensive look at our year, read the full review here. 

Algeria Tour (April 27 – May 05, 2024)

Join us for an amazing tour of Algeria, led by the experienced traveller and local fixer Wassim Allache, from April 27th to May 5th, 2024.

Embark on an unforgettable journey across Algeria's stunning landscapes, from Ahaggar mountain to historic treasures like the Tibhrine Monastery and El Jeddar's Algerian Pyramids. 

This journey is a perfect mix of adventure, learning about different cultures, and seeing the hidden treasures of Algeria. 

Read more and book your spot quickly – space is limited.

By the way, there are still a few spots for Syria Tour in June.

New DARE Additions 

We remind you that we will discontinue our XL Series very soon, so these are your last days to download an Excel version if you wish; many of the items of the XL Series are already on DARE and we will keep on adding five a week!

Since we didn't announce any new DARE places in the previous Christmas newsletter here are 10 new places from two megaregions simultaneously.

First, from the Central America Megaregion.

Belize - Extreme South (Sarstoon Temash NP.)

Belize - Extreme South (Sarstoon Temash NP.)

El Salvador - Metapán municipality (extreme Northwest)

Mexico - Barra El Mezquital

Nicaragua - Cocibolca Lake Southern shore (Cardenas, San Carlos)

Panama - Isla Cebaco

And from our distant Polynesia (and other Pacific) Megaregion.

Tuvalu - Nanumea island (photo credit - Wiki)


New Zealand - Bluff area

New Zealand - Cape Farewell and Farewell spit

New Zealand - Otago Peninsula

Tuvalu - Nanumea island

United States - Hawaii - Main island South Point area (50 states southernmost)

As Seen On...

As many of you know, not long time ago we added the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) to our regions list, a move highlighted by Philippine Global Explorers. 

This inclusion, driven by advocacy from our member Dr. Riza Rasco and the Philippine Global Explorers, showcases BARMM's rich culture and landscapes.

Dive into the full story to understand more about BARMM's recognition and how it enhances the global travel landscape, as covered by Philippine Global Explorers.

See all our media mentions on our press page.

New UN Masters

As we conclude an incredible year, it's with great excitement that we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our 7 newest UN Masters.

These intrepid travellers have each reached the milestone of visiting all 193 UN countries, showcasing extraordinary dedication and passion for global exploration.

  • Mike Downes 🇺🇸: Finished his worldwide journey in Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Enric Moreno and Mayte Galindo 🇪🇸: This Spanish couple's final destination was Palau, making them the first Spanish couple known to achieve this feat.
  • Ryan Smith 🇺🇸: Reached his 197th country in St Vincent and the Grenadines, gaining local media attention.
  • Ernestine Chan 🇨🇦: Completed her travels in Libya on December 23rd.
  • Lars-Gunnar Gårdö 🇸🇪 finished his incredible journey in Cuba, adding yet another inspiring story to our community.
  • Julie Ann Small 🇬🇧: Became the third British-born woman in recent months to complete her travels, reaching 193 in the Maldives.

Congratulations to all these inspiring travellers! Their dedication to exploring every UN country is not just a personal triumph but also an inspiration for the entire NomadMania community.

The total number of UN Masters for 2023 is, for now, 39, the second largest ever after 2019, the record year!

New Poll on 'Visiting Every Country'

This is a great intro for our January 2024 theme dedicated to UN Masters and those who are aiming for 193 – ‘Visiting Every Country’.

And we are going to start with a Poll on Visiting Every Country. We expect you to ALL respond to this poll!

Those of you using our NomadMania app please login to our website version to access the poll and fill it in! Enjoy :-)

Visiting Every Country in The World - NomadMania Poll

Those of you using our NomadMania app please login to our website version to access the poll and fill it in! Enjoy :-)


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