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1st Newsletter
December 2020
Be part of INDIMO - INclusive DIgital MObility solutions for all

The INDIMO project aims to break the barriers that people face in accessing digitally interconnected transport systems!

Key Information

JAN 2020 - DEC 2022






Coordinator: Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Welcome to INDIMO

As mobility services and solutions mostly focus on target groups that have great affinity and familiarity with technology, the gap in access to mobility alternatives also grows, and many people are left out of the advantages of emerging digital mobility services. This is the challenge that inspired the INDIMO partners to initiate a collaboration that aims to bridge the digitalisation gap in mobility.

Our project aims at understanding the needs of vulnerable groups, who are at risk of exclusion from digital mobility. With this in mind, we will produce a set of tools to help developers, policy makers and service operators to develop and implement accessible and inclusive mobility solutions. The cooperation of policymakers with developers and companies responsible for digital mobility systems will be vital for a successful testing and for a wider uptake of the INDIMO toolkit.

The first months of the project were struck by a pandemic that made digital mobility services ever more important. However, as services become more and more digital, many can fall in even greater exclusion. Ultimately, INDIMO wants to prevent these adverse consequences, to feed into future policies and strengthen the access to digital mobility services.

Imre Keseru - INDIMO Project Coordinator

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1st Newsletter
December 2020
Project at a glance

The INDIMO project is a three-year EU-funded Horizon 2020 project that aims to extend the benefits of digitally interconnected transport systems to people that currently face barriers in using or accessing such solutions. Through the co-design of the INDIMO Inclusive Digital Mobility Toolbox, the project enables developers, policy makers and service operators to always include the user perspective when dealing with digital mobility solutions.

Updates from Pilot Projects
Berlin | GERMANY

INDIMO’s Berlin pilot, led by door2door, works to create a world where mobility services fit people’s lives.

Galilee | ISRAEL

Women on the move empowered by new mobility solutions. 

Emilia Romagna | ITALY

Introducing digital technology to enable e-commerce in rural areas. 

Madrid | SPAIN

Cyclelogistics platform for food delivery.

Antwerp | Belgium

An inclusive and intelligent traffic light system.

Project news

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3 July 2020
INDIMO methodology for cooperative design

The INDIMO partners have put in place a five-stage approach to help developers, policy makers and service operators to design and implement accessible and inclusive mobility solutions.

2 November 2020
Creating mobility services that fit people’s lives: the BERLIN pilot

Ridepooling services are particularly important for those who have limited access to mobility alternatives,. door2door services can bridge these inequalities and allow everyone to have equal access to transport opportunities.

12 November 2020
Women on the Move empowered by new mobility options: the GALILEE pilot

Using an intersectional approach in transport research, especially focusing on gender, ethnicity, and employment status, pose possible insights for policy makers and software developers.

17 November 2020
Food Delivery in times of Covid-19: the MADRID pilot

The INDIMO pilot in Madrid is trying to improve inclusivity of Food Delivery Services, especially in times of Covid-19.

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Project events
First INDIMO Co-creation Community Workshop
October 08, 2020
Online workshop
Read the report
Read the report
Partner in the spotlight
MOBI-VUB - Belgium

The Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Centre (MOBI) is a research centre at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and is a leader in socio-economic evaluations for urban mobility, sustainable logistics and electric & hybrid vehicles

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