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Thank you everyone, so much, for answering my survey last week. I really appreciate your thoughts. I love corresponding with you, but at the same time I know everyone receives many emails, including quite a few from authors, so I want to be sure that you are enjoying what you are receiving.

On that note -- I am emailing you a week later to tell you that, by a slight majority, you would like to see my emails every two weeks. So here’s what I’ll do. Each Tuesday I’ll determine whether or not I have anything interesting to share. If I do, an email will go out, and I will strive for about every other week. There will be a few weekly ones at the beginning of November, however, as there will be a couple of Christmas books coming out that I must tell you about!

I am excited to share with you a first look at the cover of the multi-author box set I will be taking part in, Seduced Under the Mistletoe. Sixteen authors are coming together to offer you a very, sexy, very steamy holiday season. My contribution is a 30,000-word novella, Duke of Christmas. It features two characters that, if you have read the Searching Hearts series, you know very well -- Lionel and Marie, the parents of the Harrington siblings. I have to tell you that this was probably the most fun I have ever had writing interactions between characters, and I cannot wait for you to read it. There won’t be a pre-order for this one -- it will be coming to you live on November 1st.

I should note that I will also be cutting down the descriptions and space provided to recommended reads. They will still be there, but if you are interested, the full description is on the buy page, so I don’t want to duplicate things.

One last note -- if you truly only want emails from me when something big is happening, I do have an email list where subscribers ONLY receive my launch emails. That means you get an email about once every couple of months, telling you about a new book that has been released, though you won't receive the emails including sales or free books. I am more than happy to move you to that list if you’d prefer. All you have to do is email me back with “Launch Only” in the subject line and away you’ll go.

Before you go, a quick historical fact for you: Portrait miniatures were most popular in England for about 60 years -- from about 1770 to 1830, until photography was introduced in 1839. They could be as small as one inch by one inch to as large as seven by four inches. They were worn as bracelets, brooches, in watch fobs, or, as Scarlett wears in Christmastide with His Countess, in a necklace. Many artists began to specialize in them, and they were quite detailed and excellent representations of their subject.

Have a wonderful week (or two ;))

With love,


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Damsel to the Rescue

By Elizabeth Bailey

A fugitive stranger and a frantic forest escape.

Four years on the marriage mart have left Delia Burloyne resigned to life as a maiden aunt. Then fate takes a hand. Waylaid on the road to Weymouth, her life is turned inside out by the intrepid Giffard Gaunt. He’s on the run and desperate.
Plunged into a dangerous dash for freedom with a wounded man on her hands, Delia must dig deep for courage. Can she help Giff win back his estates and still keep her heart intact?

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