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January 10, 2020            

21 Venezuelan Lithuanians willing to move to Lithuania

Lithuania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it's in contact with 21 Venezuelan Lithuanians willing to move to Lithuania

"The relocation coordinator (the Lithuanian Embassy in Spain) is now in contact with 21 persons who have expressed their willingness to move to Lithuania. Based on preliminary information, only one person, a Lithuanian citizen, has necessary documents for relocation," the ministry said.

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A Counter-Disinformation System That Works

 “Geeks” + “elves” + journalists = success in countering disinformation.

This is the formula that and its partners use in Lithuania.

They are busy all the time. Russia has launched a full-scale propaganda and disinformation assault on Lithuania aimed at “a very huge variety of targets,” says Tomas Ceponis of the Lithuanian military. In a three-month period, bots created half of all "Russian-language news about NATO in the Baltic states and Poland," according to Rolf Fredheim, a data scientist at NATO's Strategic Communications Center of Excellence in Latvia.

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The Lithuanian Military Academy will host the Baltic Military Conference

On 16-17 March 2020 General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy will host the second edition of the Baltic Military Conference which gathered internationally recognised presenters and received much national and regional attention in 2019. The conference will focus on issues concerning regional security and defence of the Baltic countries.

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My father, the quiet hero: how Japan’s Schindler saved 6,000 Jews

Chiune Sugihara’s son tells how he learned of his father’s rescue mission in Lithuania, which commemorates his achievements this year

As a child in in the 1950s and 60s, Nobuki Sugihara never knew his father had saved thousands of lives. Few did. His father, Chiune Sugihara, was a trader who lived in a small coastal town about 34 miles south of Tokyo. When not on business trips to Moscow, he coached his young son in mathematics and English. He made breakfast, spreading butter on the toast so thinly “nobody could compete”.

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GoRamp startup has attracted an investment that will help to expand into new european markets

Lithuanian transportation management startup GoRamp has attracted an investment of € 120,000 from venture capital funds Startup Wise Guys, Presto Ventures and business angel Gintautas Lukauskis.

The investment will be used to strengthen its position in the Baltic market as well as its expansion in the Polish market. So far the first customers were approached only through Co-Founder. With new investment, the team is planning to expand team and invest in marketing.

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Financial Times: Vilnius on the up as fintechs prepare for Brexit

The opportunity cost from Brexit is not always obvious. But in fintech terms, one only needs to look at Vilnius to see how others are benefiting from the UK’s likely exit from the EU.

The Lithuanian capital may not be home to any large fintech unicorns such as Adyen in the Netherlands or Klarna in Sweden. But Vilnius is the second-largest centre in the EU for fintech measured by the number of regulated companies. It has issued licences to more than 100 fintech companies, many of which are looking to set up a base in the EU to keep their passporting rights to operate across the bloc after the UK has left.

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Moody’s to contribute to the education of the most talented students at ISM University

A leading global financial services company, Moody’s Corporation will partner with ISM University of Management and Economics and the ISM Foundation and will contribute EUR 200.000 to finance the education of the most talented students in Lithuania.

Moody’s is also establishing Moody’s Lab at ISM University dedicated to the research of credit ratings.

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Siauliai region creates app for tourists

"To attract more visitors to Siauliai region and provide more information on local tourists attractions, the new app will allow tourists to use the provided routes interactively and get acquainted with information about attractions using a mobile decide," Ruta Stankuviene, head of the local tourism information center, said in a statement.

This is the first app about Siauliai region and it will provide photos and descriptions of tourist attractions in four languages, including Lithuanian, Latvian, English and Russian.

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PLB - Pasaulio Lietuvių Bendruomenė
4:57 PM - Jan 9, 2020

Iliustracijos autorė Jekaterina Budrytė

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Illustration dedicated to the commemoration of victims of January 13th events in Vilnius, 1991
 Credits @ PLB/World Lithuanians' Community

Lukiškės Prison: bringing the past into the future

The prison complex in Lukiškės has always been a multifunctional space. At the time of its construction, in 1904, it was one of the most modern prison facilities in the Russian Empire, with spaces designated for work, prayer, punishment, administrative functions and the provision of health care services

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Chernobyl creators accept Golden Globe, pay tribute to Lithuania

While Lithuania has yet to produce a film to be nominated for a Golden Globe, the country was mentioned during Sunday's award ceremony, as the best limited series prize went to Chernobyl, a TV drama which was mostly shot in Lithuania.

In a press conference after the ceremony, the series' writer-executive producer Craig Mazin expanded on collaboration with the communities where the show was shot and which experienced the 1986 nuclear disaster.

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Lithuania. Real is beautiful
1:09 PM - Jan 7, 2020

More and more old buildings in Kaunas are being brought back to life thanks to incredible street art! The city's latest resident is 'The Last Passenger', who greets passengers outside the railway station. Find out more: Photo credit: Morfai

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Edvardas ŠUMILA | New York Scenes and Echoes from Lithuania: Jonas Mekas’ Musical Milieu

As I was flying to New York for the first time last year, on August 17,  if I recall correctly, I took one book for my trip which I wanted to read, Here Is New York by E. B. White – many friends had recommended it to me. It is a classic, perhaps one of the most famous texts on the city, written seventy years ago in 1948, one year before Jonas Mekas came to Brooklyn at the end of 1949.

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Refresh Your Mind in Lithuania’s First Plantarium

Plantarium welcomes those interested in domestic plants and their positive impact on health, as well as those who care about the future of our planet.

Aistė Virketė has been taking care of abandoned, forgotten or merely tired plants for almost two years now. After spending months in a village in Kaunas region, the young woman has transferred all of the plants and activities into the city. Located in Urmas shopping town, the first Plantarium in Lithuania will be officially opened on January 19.

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Lithuanian Culture Institute is searching for a European Solidarity Corps volunteer (non Lithuanian citizen) for 6 months (starting from February of 2020).

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January 10-13
January 13th events

29th anniversary of the tragic events on the night of January 13th, 1991, will be commemorated in Vilnius with various events, including the night of fires on Sunday evening, January 12th.

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January 16-30
Slow screenings

Slow Screenings is an ongoing project of Meno Avilys  that pursues a dual goal: to slow down the fast consumption of cinema by screening films once a week and contextualizing them; and to bring the rarely-screened films of importance to cinema history to Lithuanian screens. This time, the six-screening series is dedicated to female directors from various corners of the world who were making films from 1960 to 1990.

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January 7-31
Gaon of Vilnius - 300 years. Black tapestries of Lithuanian history

For the past 15 years, Professor Giedrius Kazimierėnas, a creative artist, has been working on creating large format depictions of events and their protagonists from the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

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‘Life in Vilnius reminds me of Ireland in the 1990s’

After leaving school in 1989, Sheena McGonigle, from Laytown in Co Meath, went to Dublin to study journalism in Ballyfermot, college. As is the case with most students completing their first round of study, a sojourn working abroad followed. In McGonigle’s case, ittook her to Jersey, where she worked in the hospitality industry before returning home to study business and industrial relations at the National College of Ireland.

When her husband was relocated to Vilnius in Lithuania in 2017, her skills came together symbiotically.

“It’s a beautiful city, which enjoys all four seasons and a great outdoor life. At first, my son wasn’t too keen, but he loves it now. They have a fantastic cafe culture here, a wonderful square where people sit out. There’s cross-country skiing in winter and ziplining and kayaking in summer, so it’s great for kids.”

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Highlight of the Week
Moment of the day of National Flag, January 1st

Photo credits @ Ieva Budzeikaitė / MOD

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