Coronavirus call to protect Aboriginal communities from tourists


In Broome, the Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Service (KAMS) says tourists pose an unacceptable risk to vulnerable Aboriginal populations across the Kimberley.

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The rise of Australia's oldest Aboriginal art business - Cooee Art

[Sabine Brix, ArtsHub]

From humble beginnings in Paddington, Cooee Art has grown from an emporium to an enterprise that includes galleries, a consultancy, and marketplace specialising in Indigenous art.

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First Nations people are extremely vulnerable to the COVID- 19 pandemic

[by Ashlee Kearney]

The essential care provided to First Nations people with disability is diverse and exceptionally crucial to their health and wellbeing, including personal support, independent living and therapy support.

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Protect the Northern Territory from COVID-19 while we still can - with a special control area

[by Elke Wiesmann]

The Central Land Council strongly backs the call of the Combined Aboriginal Organisations of Alice Springs to declare the entire Northern Territory a special control area.

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