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   Happy Saturday! I've committed to sending out newsletters twice a month on the second and fourth Saturdays. This week, and every fourth Saturday will be my 'Reading List' edition. Every second Saturday will be my 'Behind the Scenes' edition. Enjoy, and hit reply if you have any questions or comments!

The March Reading List

Sharing a selection of interesting books, posts, and articles. 

Recent blog posts

Here's some of my posts from the blog, as well as a post I wrote for Accepting the Gift. 

On Becoming That Mom

How becoming a special needs mom has changed my views on parenting. 

Toys for Families with Kids of Many Ages

Lots of kids? Wide range of ages? Here's what has stood the test of time in our house. 

Mid-Year Homeschool Review

What's working, what didn't happen this year, and my thoughts for the next year (already). 

How To Get Stuff Done When Everyone is At Home

Advice for managing work and school when everyone is at home (and probably driving you crazy).

I think you'll enjoy these.
Good posts I didn't write.
Lenten Visio Divina Gallery Walk
1918, Sisters and Church Closings
Guide to COVID-19 Healthy Home Cooking and Home Remedies
The Struggle of a Nosy Oversharer
My 11-Month-Old Baby's HR Discrimination Complaint
Books We're Reading

I'm trying my best to read more, especially in the evening before bed. Teddy has been devouring books while off school and has a suggestion to share. Not to be outdone, our household's previous biggest reader steps away from her phone to suggest a title too. 


I've written about deliberate practice, and read about it in several other titles through the years, but now I finally read the book that clearly outlines what deliberate practice actually is. While the chapter on applying DP to business didn't interest me, I enjoyed the deeper look into the topic and he helped me develop a better understanding of how the principles can apply to my own life, and where I've wrongly applied the term. 

When Life Gives You Pears

Jeannie Gaffigan's book about her diagnosis, treatment, and long recovery from a pear sized brain tumor was a quick, easy read. I enjoyed the inside look at her family and faith in relation to the crisis, and in background stories that helped the reader understand more about her marriage, childhood, and personality. Despite the serious subject matter, it's upbeat and would make a good read for those on quarantine or down the road, while on summer vacation. 

Minecraft: The Island

Teddy is reading a lot about WWII lately, but he wanted to switch it up, and this book seemed to fit the bill. He'd been disappointed in other unofficial Minecraft fan fiction, but when I saw this at the library, I noticed it was endorsed by Mojang and written by the author who penned 'World War Z' which gave me some hope that it wouldn't disappoint him so much. Thankfully I was right. It has an engaging story, good character development, and Teddy loves the action.  Would I call it literature? Probably not, but it's a clear step above most of the other Minecraft fiction books we've found. 

The Alchemist

Addie says this is one of her top five favorite books of all time. She even wrote a paper on it for her Comp 101 class. She couldn't provide me with any other details ("It's just good!") and I don't know where she squirreled away her paper, so you'll just have to trust her on this one. 

Hit reply to let me know what you're reading! 

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