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New year, new format

With the start of a new year, I wanted to try something a bit different with the newsletter. I have opted for a cleaner, and hopefully, easier to read format. There will still be all the great content, including WIP updates, Free Books, pictures of the Dawgs, and lots more.


Please shoot me an email, or use the button below to let me know what you think of the new format.

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Name the Newsletter Contest!

After a year, it's time that this newsletter has a better name. Presently, it is simply Paul J Bennett's Newsletter, but that is boring!

With all the original and inventive names that were sent in for the world of Merceria, I thought that you would appreciate the opportunity to name something else.


On your mark, get set, go. Send in your ideas, and may the best one win!

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Shadow of the Crown has received some glowing reviews...

"Wish I could give it 10 stars" 

"Just as entertaining as all the preceding stories in this series!"

"Grab your copy, curl up with a drink and lose yourself in the masterfully told adventures from Merceria. Highly recommend."

"Looking forward to many more hours of reading from Mr. Bennett."

"If you like a well-crafted story with engaging characters don’t miss this book or it’s predecessors"

"Recommend the entire series to anyone that appreciates great Sword and Sorcery Fantasy!"

"Another of Mr. Bennett's books that I will enjoy reading again and again."


Wait! What? Shadow of the Crown released already?

Please show where I can choose a retailer to purchase this compelling new book!

Buy Shadow of the Crown

I can't believe I am writing my sixth book!

Two years ago I had an idea. I would take my fantasy role-playing campaign and use it as the basis for a book. 

I never, ever thought that I would be sitting here, sharing a sneak peek at Book Five in a series that will span more than ten books, with multiple spin-off series already in the works.

Some days I almost think of asking Carol to pinch me, as this is my dream come true. I  wake up each morning and go to sleep nearly every night thinking about Gerald, Anna, and the rest of the gang, wondering what they will get up to.

And speaking of the gang, I bet you're wondering whatever happened to Aubrey Brandon, Beverly's cousin. In Shadow of the Crown, she is only mentioned in passing, but in Fate of the Crown, she plays an important role. So, without further ado, here is a scene from the new book,  with Aubrey at the Brandon estate.

Lady Aubrey Brandon, daughter of Lord Robert Brandon, Baron of Hawksburg, was bored. She sat on the front step of the manor house, staring down the pathway with all the concentration her seventeen-year-old head could muster. Which was, of course, considerable, for beneath this young exterior was an accomplished wielder of magic. For more than a year she had travelled with the Royal Life Mage, Revi Bloom, as his apprentice. She had easily mastered her first spell, but now she sat, bored with her studies. It wasn’t that she didn’t find magic interesting, far from it, but the books Master Bloom had given her had long since ceased to be of interest, a victim of her growing awareness of the magic that was within her.

She looked down at the book beside her, a treatise on the history of magic, and chuckled to herself. History was interesting to some, but to her, life was all about the here and now, the harnessing of those powers. She thought back to Weldwyn; there, at least, she had managed to cast her first spell, that of healing the flesh. It had been put to good use, for during the siege of Riversend she had been called upon to use her spells to help those brave defenders of the city.

The sound of a carriage caught her attention, and she looked up to see a familiar sight coming down the lane. It seemed her father had returned early from Wincaster. She stood, her mind no longer occupied by stray thoughts and focused on his arrival. Tomlinson, the old coachman, was covered in dust and dirt, the carriage likewise filthy. Her father must have been in a hurry to return, and yet his duties in the capital typically kept him busy well into the winter months.

The carriage pulled up, and she moved forward to open the door only to see her father, preparing to exit.

“Father,” she said, “what a pleasant surprise. We weren’t expecting you back until the midwinter feast.”

His face broke into a grin, “Good to see you too, Aubrey. Go and fetch your mother, will you, I need to speak to both of you right away. Bring her to the drawing room.”

She wanted to ask him for more details but saw the look of determination in his face. Something important has happened, she thought, and she was suddenly struck with a feeling of dread.

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