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Or, to those less fluent in Korean, Hello!

Welcome to the May edition of the Atlantis Entertainment newsletter where you'll find a mixture of K-Pop and books. I am your MC, Ji Soo, and I will be guiding you through this month's fun.

... How is it May already??


Release Schedule

Release date: AVAILABLE NOW!
ONYX: Love

Onyx's tour is winding down, but things are continuing to heat up.


With just the European leg of Onyx's World Tour left, Kate and Onyx are looking forward to visiting some of the most romantic cities in the world. But with delayed flights, petty tour promoters, and accommodation issues, things aren't going smoothly in Europe either. Thankfully, Kate and Onyx have got each other to lean on.


One of Onyx is hiding a secret.


A secret which could not only unsettle everything that Kate and Onyx have built, but could also destroy the group's dynamic's completely.


When the secret slips out, in a very public way, it's up to Kate and Onyx to work together to fix things between themselves so they can fix things with their fans.


Only, this time, it's going to be easier to keep the fans happy than it is to keep each other happy.


ONYX: Love is the third book in a Why Choose fast-burn romance and ends in a HFN. This book contains strong language, sexual situations, some MFM, and one member who likes to watch... If none of that is your thing, you should probably spare yourself and not read this.


If you're in my Facebook group, this shouldn't come as a surprise to you, but I am moving. I am leaving Texas - and the US - and I'm heading to somewhere in the UK. After being on a list for MONTHS, my transfer came through and I got my first pick of country.


Which means my life is currently chaotic!


In between work and writing, I'm getting ready to pack up my life and move overseas. I'm still in that visa process stage, so a date hasn't been set, but it will be mid-late summer.


That's pretty epic news for me!


Otherwise, I'm writing, as always! Currently, I'm about 50-60% of my way through Zodiac 3 and this will be out in June. I hope to share the cover with you in the next email!


The Onyx trilogy is... no longer a trilogy. After each book kept getting longer and longer, I realized that the story still wasn't finished and there will be an Onyx 4! I don't have a release date yet though! Zodiac 3 must get finished first, and then it's Cursed Luck. With the move, I'm hoping I can have Onyx 4 release in August (I will release earlier if I can), but that's my rough estimate. As always, I will keep you updated!


Now I have to work out what to do with Key...

Young Adult
Witchling Academy by Yumoyori Wilson

Having magic is a blessing from the gods, and they gave me an especially powerful gift when they made me a Spell Traveler. Now if only I could use it properly without randomly teleporting, falling, and inevitably crashing into important people! 

As the youngest member of the renowned Harlow family, I, Brianne Marie Harlow, have some big shoes to fill. With amazing parents on the magic council and a sister who works for Witchling Star Agency, I’m determined to prove that I can meet the expectations of our family name.

I hope. 

Getting accepted into Witchling Academy isn't the problem, given my gift. But surviving in a school filled with witches and warlocks? That is a whole other dilemma. My game plan? Focus on learning, do my homework, and speak to no one β€” except for my best friend, Elijah, who I secretly have a crush on.

What could go wrong? Turns out, everything. 

On the first day of classes, I managed to piss off the leader of the Notorious Four, a group of hot boys with their eyes all on me. As if that weren’t bad enough, now I’m getting death threats and random men are chasing me after school, trying to steal my power.

Now I only have two goals. One, survive long enough to graduate and make my family proud.
With craziness and danger coming at me left and right, it's up to me and Elijah β€” with the help of N4 β€” to find a way to make it out alive.

Goal number two? Manage not to fall in love with all five boys in the process. 

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New Adult and Steamy
Keto's Tale by Lacey Carter Anderson

Don't swim in my waters...

I've got a bad reputation, and all because of my jackass brother. Yes, I'm known as the mother of all sea monsters. And yes, I can control powerful creatures who kill and destroy on my command.

But no, I'm not actually in charge. I'm my brother's slave.

So, life sucks just about as much as it possibly can. At least that's what I thought until my brother decides I'm more useful sacrificed to angry sea dragons who despise mermaids. And when I see gargoyles heading straight for me, all I'm left wondering is who will kill me first, the winged monster-hunters, or the angry sea dragons.

What I don't expect? The gargoyles don't know who or what I am. So maybe, just maybe, if I can hide my identity long enough, I'll survive. But it might take a little distraction to accomplish. The thing is, I don't think I mind distracting four hard-as-stone gargoyles who can't stop staring. As long as at the end of this, I don't end up with my head on a platter.

KETO'S TALE is a steamy reverse harem romance that involves one lucky mermaid and four hot gargoyles. It's also a #whychoose romance, meaning the heroine doesn't have to choose between her stone-hard love interests. But make sure you've cleared your calendar, because this is one book you want to binge read.

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From Ji Soo Lee and J. S. Lee

Ji Soo Lee


The Dancer Who Saved Her Soul

Zodiac, 3

YA Contemporary Romance

J. S. Lee

Coming Soon

Onyx: Unity

Onyx, 4

NA Reverse Harem

C. L. Coffey & J. S. Lee

October 1st

Cursed Luck

The Goddess of Fate & Destiny

NA Reverse Harem

Countdown until "Cursed Luck" Release

Hey guys, I still need help with this one! We're list aiming and I really, really, really need 20 iBooks sales - if you're considering it, please do pre-order and let me know you've bought it


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