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Hey homeschooler,

How was your week? We had a busy week - I've realised that it's quite difficult to pick out a couple of things for this email. Sometimes I feel like we do nothing, but when I review I realise we've done quite a lot. I suspect it's the same for everyone - so this newsletter is actually great for me too. Win-win!

Holli and Asha now have a Children's python. It's been adjusting to its new home so we haven't seen it much, but I'm sure it will soon be a standard accessory. They don't wear jewellery, just reptiles.

Forrest reassessed his market stall plan after finding out about the high fees and then spent most of Monday setting up a stall at the front of our house. They've sold at least $50 worth of stuff this week, not bad for a little back street! 

I did have to put a limit on egg selling after he sold all the eggs on the bench AND in the nest to the postie. This boy has a future in marketing.

Gabrielle went to the School Strike for Climate protest in Townsville, as part of #FundOurFutureNotGas, a campaign to encourage political parties to invest in renewables rather fossil fuels. 

And Rex and I started online speech therapy. I already love the ease of it and it's so much quicker.

1. The summit about summits begins this week (I'm presenting). You can sign up here to watch all the workshops for free.

2. Get your first month FREE on a 6 or 12 month subscription at KiwiCo with the code KIWI612. We love Eureka and Tinker. Expires October 4.

3. Forrest finished Grammar Galaxy last week. It's been a constant for the last three years. Both boys enjoy the story-based approach, and it's also great for kids who don't like to write a lot.

4. This week's obsession?  Mazes from Krazy Dad. Rex did 20 in one session, then Forrest joined in and did an entire book of the super tough mazes. Our old printer has been getting a good workout.

Finally, here's our quote of the week. It's easy to focus on school-like academics (sometimes I'm guilty), but it really is small component of a well--rounded person.

Happy homeschooling - hope you have a great week.


P.S. I also got two lovely comments from Zero to Homeschool members - honestly, this is what keeps me going when my website breaks or I'm dealing with horrible spam comments. Thank you!

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