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Dear Friends,

Chris & Lisa Cree - We love Scotland!

This past month Lisa and I celebrated the first anniversary of our arrival here in Scotland! In fact, we’ve had several firsts here on the mission field since our last newsletter.

The one-year anniversary date required another first for us. Both of us now hold valid UK drivers licenses. We could legally drive here in the UK for one year on our American licenses. However, we were required to go through the entire testing process to get re-licensed here. We started the process early enough to meet the deadline. And Lisa did get her new license before the deadline.

Unfortunately I managed to fail the practical exam twice. I’d never failed the same test twice before in my life, so that was another first for me. Because the testing appointments were completely booked out more than a month in advance, it meant that there was about three weeks when I was unable to legally drive, which was another first for me.

As a result, Lisa did all the driving until I was able to take my test again and pass it. In the end we realized that I tend to do nearly all of the driving because I enjoy it. So it was good for Lisa to gain the confidence with the extra time in the drivers seat.

First Guest Speakers Since Grand Opening

Lisa and I traveled across the Irish Sea to Belfast, Northern Ireland last month. We attended a fundraising event for the Charis Belfast missions fund and we taught one morning in the school there.

We also met up with Mike and Carrie Pickett while we were there. They both have key responsibilities within the Charis system back in Colorado. Mike oversees all of the Charis and Andrew Wommack Ministries locations around the world. And Carrie oversees the training of all the Charis directors globally. Since there are currently over 70 locations in 23 different countries around the world, that’s a pretty big responsibility!

The Picketts spoke at the Charis location in Belfast and then came with us back to Dumfries. On that Wednesday evening we held an event for the local community. Mike and Carrie Pickett were the first guest speakers we’ve hosted here at Charis Dumfries since our Grand Opening Celebration!

It was a very successful night with 55 guests attending that evening. Mike and Carrie spoke about God’s love and how there is nothing we can do to make God love us any more than he already does, or any less either!

It was a powerful evening that spoke to the hearts of those who attended.

Earlier that day the Picketts were able to meet with us and our staff. They shared about the direction the ministry is heading and helped give us a vision for how Charis Bible College Dumfries fits into the wider mission of transforming the world around us.

Charis First Term Complete

We finished the first term at Charis Dumfries! Training up and discipling believers in the ways of the Kingdom of God is the whole reason we are here in Scotland now. So the milestone of completing our first term with the students is very significant to us.

We were blessed to have Pastor John Donnelly join us on the last day of the term to share a communion message with the students. Not only does John pastor a church locally here in Dumfries with his wife Susan, but he is also a board member of Andrew Wommack Ministries Europe, here in the UK. We were all blessed with what he shared about communion.

Student Testimony

One of our students shared with us the tremendous impact the ministry we are doing here in Scotland has had on her life in just this first term. She said it is like God is gently and lovingly taking her completely apart and putting her back together the way He intended her to be from the beginning. She shared how an event in her life traumatized her years and years ago and has kept her in bondage ever since.

However, during this term, God revealed to her the lie she bought into surrounding that event. She said for the first time in many, many years she is free to be herself again. There were tears of joy in her eyes as she shared how wonderful it is to be able to enjoy her true identity in Christ.

This is the power to make a difference in people’s lives that Lisa and I are a part of here in Scotland because of the generosity of the partners of NewCREEations. That same kind of story is repeated multiple other times in each of the other students’ lives too.

Plans For the New Year

We’ve got plenty of ministry planned in the coming year. We have several guest speakers lined up. Cecil Paxton will be in Dumfries in January and will be ministering healing at the school. Also speaking in the Spring are Greg Mohr, and Wendell Parr, instructors from Charis Colorado.

Charis Dumfries will host a mission team from the Charis Bible College campus in Oklahoma City. We are looking forward to some joint ministry with our fellow Charis family members.

After the Oklahoma City team departs back home, Lisa and I will be traveling up to the Highlands of Scotland with Rich and Dorothy Van Winkle. They are friends of ours who pastor a church in the Fort Worth area of Texas, teach in several of the Charis locations in that part of America, and will be joining the mission team from Oklahoma.

Rich and Dorothy have ministered in Scotland several times over the years. So we are looking forward to joining them later this Spring.

Your Support is Appreciated

If you are relatively new to our newsletter, you may not realize all that God is doing at NewCREEations. There is so much more to what God is doing through the ministry than articles and eBooks. We are training up believers in the ways of the Kingdom of God and ultimately we expect to see a shift in the entire nation of Scotland back towards God.

If you have read this far, please know that it is only through the funds provided by our generous partners at NewCREEations that allows Lisa and I to be in Scotland doing what God has called us to do in this great country.

And if you already partner with us, please know that your funds are sown into good ground here at NewCREEations. We are already seeing lives changed by the power of God’s Word as the students begin to renew their minds in focused Bible study.

I have been authorized by Charis Colorado to develop and teach a course on Kingdom finance. This is another first for me as I prepare an entire 8 hour course from the overflow of the revelation God has given Lisa and I on our current journey. We are half way through that course with the students at Charis Dumfries. Already students are being set free as they learn how the Kingdom of God operates differently from the worldly Mammon system they have been brought up in. Basically the course is an expanded version of the three hour talk I printed earlier in the year called Rejecting Mammon.

That three hour version is available on our website, if you would like to learn more about that topic. You can find it when you click here: Rejecting Mammon

Partnership Opportunity

Finally, as we enter the Christmas season we have much to be thankful for. It is incredibly exciting to be partnering with God in the work he is doing here in Scotland. One of the most powerful ways you can come alongside us and join what God is doing is to partner with NewCREEations financially.

Friend, if you are already a ministry partner, please know how much we appreciate your support!

The practical reality is that it takes money to accomplish the things God has called us to do, and touch the lives that God has put in front of us here in Scotland. There is a spiritual connection that happens when people partner financially with those in ministry. It is one way that we get to share in the anointing and blessing God places on his ministers.

As this year draws to a close, please playfully consider either donating to or partnering with NewCREEations. In doing so you will be planting your financial seed into good ground that is already producing fruit.

You may click the blue button below to give money securely online. Or you may mail a check to the address below.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey during 2017. Lisa and I know that 2018 will be even more amazing. The best is yet to come!


Chris & Lisa Cree

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