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Hello again,

Welcome back to the "Great Things" newsletter! My great thing this week has been setting a date for our wedding next year...a whole 8 months sooner than originally planned! 🎉

Onwards to the latest Great Thing that's had an impact on me...

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You've heard of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), you may even have heard of JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out), but have you heard of FOBO??

I suspect this is VERY common amongst entrepreneurs and those pursuing their own creative endeavours, and may seem very familiar to you if you frequently suffer from decision paralysis.

Here are some signs you're a FOBO sufferer...

  • Excessive research leading to procrastination
  • Frequent regrets about past decisions
  • Secret goals versus open experimentation

I experienced this recently in relation to the work I do under the Location Independent brand: Do I focus on the future of work element? The remote working element? Diversity & inclusion in remote teams? Support for individuals? For companies? What if I plump for the 'wrong' option?? 

There's a great, somewhat left-field suggestion in the article for overcoming FOBO, if any of this sounds uncomfortably familiar.

My Latest & Greatest

Websites That Work

While we build custom websites, we also build 'starter' websites – basic but effective websites for folk who need a more robust presence online than just a FB page or an Insta profile – for £250. Details here.

Me, Showing Up + Being Seen

We published our first eGuide on the iSpot recently; it's about a topic I suspect isn't overly familiar to many people and may not be something you'd ever have expected me to write about (though this is one I didn't write, I do feature in it!). 


We also shot a new members-only video this week, talking about commitment and trust (and with more info on the big personal announcement of our own!). If you're a member, you'll need to be logged in to see it.


I sent the first new newsletter  – Remotely Intimate – from Location Independent this past week. After months of static still-ness, it's been great to see new folk subscribing in the tens to reconnect again (I'm aiming for the 100s again soon!). If you'd like to subscribe to get that newsletter too, you can do that here.

That's it for this week! Until next time when I'll be sharing quite possibly one of THE most valuable threads on Twitter I've seen in a long time.

In the meantime, I would love to hear if you're doing something great that you'd like to share, personal or professional...just hit 'reply' and drop me a line.


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