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Greetings from the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park

I hope that this newsletter finds you and your family all healthy and well in this unusual situation that we find ourselves in. This was probably not the spring that most of us imagined when we first entered 2020. Nonetheless, knowing that we will come out the other side, let’s find ways to bring good out of it.

Spring Sale

The main reason for this newsletter is to let you know that we are still holding our annual spring sale. I know that many of you look forward to this each year as it’s your chance to get the piece of artwork you’ve been dreaming of at a significant discount. This year we weren't sure if it would be possible to run the sale, but we are in luck. The company that produces our prints and plaques is still operational. The company is considered essential as it is now also producing much needed health supplies, so we anticipate them being open throughout this crisis and able to fulfill our orders.

Normally we offer 15%-20% discounts during this sale, but this year we're giving you a 30% discount on any print or plaque order. You can place your order via our website ( using the discount code "springprints" to receive the sale price. Alternatively you can give us a call and we'd be happy to help you with your order: 970-586-4352.

We are also offering all of our books at 25% off the normal price and free shipping. For this discount use the code "springbooks".  If you plan on purchasing both prints and books you'll need to do two separate transactions to take advantage of the sale. 

The sale begins now and continues through Friday April 17th.

Current Status of Our Business

The gallery is currently closed but Nancy and Ben continue to work from home, so please feel free to call or email with any questions you might have. We'll hopefully be back up and running in the gallery before the summer season arrives.

Tel. 970-586-4352      Email:

The Proper Way to View Photography

If you are like me, it is hard to spend so much time inside. I feel the pull of nature and long to get out to hike through the woods and ski through the deep snow found at the higher elevations at this time of year. Since most of us are doing our part to help fight this disease by staying at home, one of the best ways to visit the Park right now is via my website. It was recently renovated and so if you haven't visited in the last two weeks, you might want to pay a visit to see what's new. If you take a little time to explore beyond the top level pages, you will find some hidden gems.

One of the things that I've discovered is that most people don't know how to view a photo properly in order to really experience it. Too often I see people clicking from one photo to the next trying to consume as many as they can in as short of a period of time as possible. That's a lot like the people who quickly drive over Trail Ridge Road and say that they've seen all that there is to see in Rocky when you and I know that there is so much more to experience.

The proper way to view a photograph is to firstly open it as large as you possibly can. Get the biggest, clearest monitor you can find. As you look at it, let your eyes wander around. Notice all the little details in the foreground and then slowly view the details throughout the image. Now view it again as a whole and try to envision what might be outside the photo. Imagine what's off to the right side, then off to the left side and also what you might see if you could look behind the camera. Try to get a complete picture of the full scene as if you were standing there with me when I took the shot. Now try to imagine the sounds, the smells, the feeling of being there. Can you feel the wind? Do you hear the pikas chirping? Can you smell the rich soil of the forest or the sweet smell of the tundra flowers? Allow yourself to be transported there. Stay with the scene for at least a minute and try to experience being there. 

If you do this, you'll find that each photo becomes a journey. Amazingly, studies have shown that if you experience nature photos in this way that you actually receive many of the same benefits that you do when you are out in nature. Try it and you will be amazed how real and meaningful it can be. It's the closest most of us can get to the natural world at this time, so we might as well take advantage of it.

Interesting News
  • I recently learned that my latest book, Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park: The Essential Guide is a finalist in two categories for the annual awards of the Independent Book Publishers Association. IBPA's Benjamin Franklin Awards are the most prestigious awards given to small publishers in the United States. So, it is a real honor to be a finalist for "Best Travel Book of the Year" and "Best Sports and Recreation Book of the Year". I was supposed to fly to Los Angeles for the ceremony but that will now take place online sometime at the middle of April. I'll then learn if my book was a winner in either of these categories. If it does win, I'll post it on my website blog and on my Facebook page. 


  • I'm very excited to announce that beginning in early May, Publishers Group West will begin representing my publishing business and will make my books available to retail outlets throughout the United States and Canada. PGW is part of the Ingram family, the largest book distributor in North America, giving us the ability to serve nearly any bookstore, library or retail outlet in North America. 


  • If you want your daily fix of nature photography, you can follow me online on my "Erik Stensland Fine Art Photography" Facebook page. My posts include new and unseen photos as well as some old favorites and regular musings by me on various topics. I hope you'll stop in and follow my postings.
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I know that this is a stressful time for all of us. Life so often seems to find new ways to challenge us and cause us to let go of our plans and assumptions. My hope for all of us, including myself, is that through this dark time we will embrace the opportunity to grow and become people who are ever more human, more gentle, more compassionate and more gracious with ourselves and those around us.

Be well! We hope to see you in Estes Park later this summer.

Erik Stensland

Images of RMNP

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