Happy Valentine's Day.  ❤

Although it's been fully commercialized for more than a century, I was shocked to read that this holiday has actually been in observance for 1,528 years. And while each of us may have our own opinions about the overpriced flowers and chocolates of Valentine's Day, this little factoid made me appreciate the day a bit more. 

Check out this Good Housekeeping article for more surprising V-day facts: 30 Fascinating Valentine's Day Facts

One of my favorites from the list is about how booklets called Valentine Writers were available in the 1800's to provide ideas on what to say to a prospective valentine (or for satirical amusement, you be the judge). Here's an example (from a article): 

Nothing more than cupboard love? Sick burn. 

And whilst I have you distracted, fair reader, you simply must try the ChaptGPT Valentine Generator. You choose the parameters (such as the romantic valentine, to cheese, in the style of haiku I created below). You can make your own here - unless a NYT paywall stops you, in which case you may feel the urge to pen a bitter valentine to capitalism.

Other choices include: platonic valentines, to your animal companion, in the style of a Yelp review...and many, many more.

Whether you plan to celebrate this day of sweetness to its fullest - or ignore it completely - I hope you'll remember to be your own best Valentine. Pay yourself a few compliments, take it easy for a change, or do as Miley would do and buy yourself flowers

Cheers to you and all the good you do - today and every day!

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