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Hello Creative and Sustainable People!

Metal Artwork

The school holidays are just about over, and we've had a load of fun with the multitude of children, parents and carers who've attended our school holiday eco-art workshops. We got stuck into knots learning macrame, tinkering in outer space and building a massive rag rug.

Have you heard about our community rag rug project? We're hoping to stitch together a large rug to give to a local community group and would love to receive your contributions to make this happen! It can made from any type of scrap fabric, and you have until 30 July to drop in your rag rug square (If you know a worthy organisation who might like a special upcycled rug made by diverse hands, let us know!)

Metal Artwork

The Brisbane City Council's 2017 Recycling Art Competition is also in full swing. Nine Brisbane-based artists have spent 16 weeks working on their reused masterpieces, which will be on display to the general public. You can learn more about the competition here.

Otherwise, as usual our Not Junk Mail eNewsletter is bursting with great deals, so have a scroll through below.

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Feedback Customer Survey

Can you set aside 10 minutes for us this evening?

When Reverse Garbage QLD started back in 1998, we had a vision to make an example of a truly sustainable business - environmentally, socially and financially. We saw just how much material was going to landfill, and identified that it could instead be reused by the general public.

It's never easy to run a business, especially when your products are other people's discards, and especially when you want to make your products as affordable as possible for everyone.

That's why customer feedback is so important to us. We cannot achieve our mission to educate people and transform the way that society relates to waste without your input.

If you can, please set aside 10 minutes tonight to give us your thoughts on how we can do a better job of promoting sustainability in our community.

Help us make Reverse Garbage QLD even better!
Introduction to Upcycled Jewellery

Introduction to Upcycled Jewellery: Eco-Art Workshop for Adults

Jewellery making is a beautiful way to turn salvaged treasures into wearable art. This workshop is all about finding new value in both common and uncommon objects such as plastic and cork offcuts, old game board pieces, computer cable and buttons which become the raw materials of upcycled jewellery. We will cover the basic techniques of jewellery making using valuable resources diverted from landfill. Participants will learn techniques such as joining and the use of tools and will be able to make their own earrings, necklace and/or bracelet.

Booking details:

Suitable for beginners, ages 13 and up.

Tickets cost $25 per person, plus a small booking fee, and include materials, tools and an experienced facilitator (ticket fee is non-refundable).

See More Booking Information
Find out more general information about our workshops

A Magnificent Month for Fabric Artists

Lycra on the roll

Full Rolls of Lycra - Half Price for the Roll

Rolls starting from 45m long
Usually, these rolls of lycra cost $4 per metre, but we'll give you the whole roll for $2 per metre. This means a 60m roll would only cost you $120, instead of $240. Outstanding value!

There's a bunch of lovely colours to choose from, and we do have more lycra in store by the metre.

Yarn Cones

Yarn Cones - On Sale - Half Price

Velour and Acrylic
$5 per cone

For the keen knitter.

Soft Elastic Rolls

Soft Elastic Rolls

4m x 3.5cm
$2 each

These convenient lengths of elastic have a soft towel on one side.

Zips Zippers


Ranging from 10cm to 64cm
$0.50 for 10cm, otherwise $2.00

Sink your teeth into these! Are you making a bag, clothes, pouch or pocket? For the ultimate challenge - make a bag entirely from zippers!

Buckle and Button Kit

Buckle and Button Kit

Still in original packaging
$2.50 each

Not a fan of zippers? Not to fear. These buckle and button kits can take you back to a simpler (And safer!) time.

Faux Fur Black and Silver

Faux Fur

On the roll
$18 per metre

You just have to touch this fabric! We're not sure what mystical beast this material would have come from, but this silver and black fur-alternative is stunning.

Buckle and Button Kit

Wadding Rolls

Various sizes - Spun polyester
$7 per kilogram

If you've been enduring the winter so far without a quilt filling, why not take these warm, fluffy sheets for a ride? Also great in cushions.

Plus More in our Store

Small Glass Cabinets

Display Cabinets - $125 each, or $225 for both

70cm x 120cm x 80 cm
These glass-windowed timber display cabinets would be perfect for a shop, or personal trophy cabinet. Includes a built in lock (No key), with a freestanding base.

Giant plastic chess pieces

Giant Plastic Chess Pieces

Minimum 35cm tall (Pictured: 30cm ruler)
Starting from $10 each

Give these a check, mate! We're not horsing around. It might look like a rook-ie move at first, but these empty, large chess pieces would make a great addition to your castle. Why not fill them with sand for a fancy paperweight or doorstop?

Wire Racks

Wire Racks

28cm x 28cm x 88cm
$2.50 each

Keep those magazines, folders and books neat and tidy!

Safes and Lock Boxes

Small Safes and Lock Boxes - Starting from $5 each

Varying capacities and types

Keep those valuables secure with these key and dial combination safes and lock boxes. Great for if you are regularly handling cash at events.

Colourful Handwoven Rug

Wool, Handwoven Patchwork Rugs

100cm x 120cm
$40 each

These fun, colourful rugs are of a high quality and would go great in any kid's room or space.

Large Carpet Sheets


Different sizes and shapes available
Individually priced

These carpets are a simple and cheap way to cover bare floor in sheds, garages or attics. They are priced individually, but an example is a 3.3m x 2.1m piece for $24.

Poster Lips

Posters - Starting from a mouthwatering $1

A wide selection of famous and obscure pieces to decorate your spaces.

Plywood Packs

Plywood Packs

Different shapes and sizes available
$4 per kilogram

These packs of plywood are an inexpensive addition to any well-stocked tool shed.

Cardboard Barrels with Lids

Cardboard Barrels with Lids

Different sizes available
Starting from $7 each

These containers are great for storing odds and ends (Pictured). Some also have metal buckles.


Creative Reuse Example Space-themed Party with Cardboard Barrels

Space-themed Party with Cardboard Barrels

Here's a great example of creative reuse. One of our imaginative customers, Linda, used our cardboard barrels to make a space ship for a 6 year-old's space party. Fantastic!


Reverse Garbage Queensland is a not-for-profit worker run co-operative that promotes environmental sustainability and resource reuse. We collect high quality industrial discards, diverting them away from landfill and sell them at a low cost to the general public.

We collect from more than 300 businesses and factories in the greater Brisbane area, with approximately three tonnes coming into the warehouse each week. With a truck full of materials coming in almost every day, there's always something new and different to find!

We run a variety of environment and waste focused art workshops and educational talks and tours to suit every age and group:

We also run a mail order service:

And we host Reverse Emporium, which is a gallery and gift shop that promotes local artists, craft workers and designers who salvage, reuse and up-cycle materials:

See Inside Our Warehouse
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About US Location Contact Details

Contact Details

Reverse Garbage Qld Co-op Ltd

Location: 20 Burke Street, Woolloongabba Q 4102
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm

Phone: 07 3891 9744




Twitter: twitter/ReverseGarbageQ

Public Transport to the Warehouse

We encourage taking public transport to the warehouse as we are within close walking distance (Less than 5 mins) from both Park Road train station and Boggo Rd bus station as well as bus stops along Ipswich Rd (Approx. 10 mins). Public transport runs very frequently to these stops. Check out Translink for all the routes and timetables:

Parking Facilities at the Warehouse

We have seven parking spaces in front of the Reverse Garbage Queensland warehouse and there is also two-hour street parking available around the corner on Elliott St.

We ask that customers please do not park in the car parks of businesses on Burke Street. These are reserved for other businesses and we would not like you to get towed!

Friends of the Earth—Brisbane

Reverse Garbage Queensland was set up in 1998 to help support the work of Friends of the Earth (FoE) - Brisbane. FoE is a social change organisation working towards an ecologically sustainable and socially just future through community action. For more information on FoE, current campaigns and volunteering call 07 3171 2255, email or visit

Reverse Garbage Queensland

20 Burke Street, Woolloongabba

07 3891 9744

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