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31 July 2018

Improving the mathematics performance of Australia’s students

The Office of the Chief Scientist has published the 16th paper in its Occasional Paper Series, Improving the mathematics performance of Australia’s students.

The paper looks at the strategies being used by Australian schools to successfully improve student outcomes in mathematics. It draws out key learnings for teachers, principals and policymakers who may wish to implement similar strategies.

Go to www.chiefscientist.gov.au/2018/07/occasional-paper-improving-the-mathematics-performance-of-australias-students.

Careers resources

The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) has launched a new careers campaign and website to promote how maths is necessary for students wanting to make a difference in our world.

AMSI’s 2018 CHOOSEMATHS Careers pack includes ambassador profiles and posters, study-tips, pathways advice and their annual MATHSADDS Careers Guide shows job ads demanding maths skills.

Go to https://careers.amsi.org.au.


A new series for primary students started airing on ABC ME on 23 July.

In each entertaining and funny episode, 'mathemagician' Eric shares secrets from the not-so-hidden world of maths, such as measuring the height of a tree using your thumb.

mathXplosion airs on Mondays from 10 am on ABC ME and is available on ABC iView.

Episode synopses are available at www.abc.net.au/tveducation/series/MATHXPLOSION-NEW.htm.

Indigenous STEM Awards

The Indigenous STEM Awards recognise, reward and celebrate the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and scientists who are studying and working in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) field, as well as the integral role schools, teachers and mentors have in supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in pursuing STEM education and careers.

There are a total of twelve awards over seven categories that cover high school and undergraduate students, STEM professionals, schools, teachers and mentors.

Applications open 28 August. For more information, go to www.csiro.au/en/Education/Programs/Indigenous-STEM/AWARDS.

ESSI Money Challenge

Registrations are now open for the ESSI Money Challenge – an interactive online game for secondary students to learn about budgeting, saving, spending and investing.

During the two-week challenge (20–31 August), students across Australia compete against each other to build their savings and investments through making good financial decisions.

For more information, go to www.financialbasics.org.au/essi-money-challenge/how-to-enter.

Matific Maths Games

Matific will be running a maths competition open to every primary school in Australia and New Zealand.

The Matific Maths Games will commence on 9 August and conclude on 20 August 2018.

There is over $50 000 worth of cash and prizes up for grabs. For more information, go to www.matific.com/au/en-au/matificgames/school.

[featured resource] 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions

Margaret S. Smith, Mary Kay Stein

Productive mathematical discussions lead to students who can think, reason and engage effectively in quantitative problem solving. The authors detail the five manageable practices—anticipating, monitoring, selecting, sequencing and connecting—which have the power to put teachers in control of discussions which are purposeful and effective. Learn how to promote mathematical conversations with your students through this very readable book, which is well illustrated with pertinent classroom examples. Also includes a professional development guide.

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[reduced] More Creative Use of Odd Moments

Doug French

This sequel to the very popular first collection provides 80 more ideas for interesting discussions and explorations to help you make sure that those ‘odd moments’ in the mathematics classroom are never wasted. Includes a CD with PDF version and PowerPoint slides of each investigation.

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