Take yourself on an idea adventure.

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You can either be a victim of the world of
an adventurer in search of treasure.

~ Paulo Coelho

The Start of Something Great

Take Yourself on an Idea Adventure

The Start of Something Great

Curled up in her cozy chair, Fluffy the cat on her lap, Christie spends her free moments reading about exotic places that bear no resemblance to her less-than-thrilling environment. 

She delights in the adventures of Bill Bryson, Elizabeth Gilbert and Paul Theroux. She’s a classic armchair traveler.

Reading about travel isn’t what qualifies someone as an armchair traveler, however. “Remote from active involvement,” is the official definition. 

The armchair traveler has no plans to get up from the chair and head into the unknown.

There are also armchair entrepreneurs, artists and athletes.

A woman whom I know professes that she wants to build a business, but makes no apparent progress. Any encouragement is met with, “Yes, yes. I’ve heard that already.” 

You may know someone like this, someone with a toolbox loaded with great information, but the tools are growing rusty from disuse. 

Phillip Adams, an Australian humanist, social commentator, broadcaster, public intellectual and farmer, said, “When people say to me: ‘How do you do so many things?’ I often answer them, without meaning to be cruel: ‘How do you do so little?’ It seems to me that people have vast potential. Most people can do extraordinary rings if they have the confidence or take the risk. Yet most people don’t. They sit in front of the telly and treat life as if it goes on forever.”

The late writer Ray Bradbury frequently opened his talks with his two favorite words: what if.

“What if you’re riding in a train when you look out the window and see…? What if the man across the aisle from you suddenly…? What if? That’s what gets the creative juices going. Use your imagination! 

“Just for fun, take along your favorite authors on an all-night train ride. Choose ones you’d like to talk to. Spend the night with them. Imagine what they’d say, the questions you’d ask, what you’d talk about. Think of the conversations you’d have!”

Seems to me that the armchair adventurers among us have failed to ask themselves these powerful kinds of questions. They haven’t dared to put themselves in the picture. 

What if you formed an intimate collaboration with your own imagination? What if you dared to ask yourself to dream bolder? 

What if you got up every morning determined to make things better where you are with the resources you’ve got right now? 

What if you solved a nagging problem once and for all? What if gathered the stories that inspire you and discover what they have to teach you? What if it could be easy?

Take Yourself on an Idea Adventure

If you think you’d like to making a living without an office or a boss and you have trying to find your really right idea for what you would love to do as your own boss… Well then you might be seeing some roadblocks in the way of finding the right answer.

Things like “but I don’t know what my REAL passion is!” or “I have a bunch of different interests and I don’t know which to choose – and I’m not sure I like any of them enough to not get bored of”…

Or the big one “I keep thinking about this but I can’t find an answer I’m sure enough about – something that I love, that will stick, that I won’t get bored of AND that I can get paid for - and I don’t want to get this wrong”.

Those things, and more, can feel like a roadblock in the way of finding your answer.

If that’s you, and especially if you identify as someone who is usually good at thinking things through - but can get lost in your head trying to work out the answer to this question, then you’re in luck.

Because there’s a program all about this that runs once ever few years that might just be made for you - and it’s about to open for registration next week.

That course is the Ideas Adventure.

This is run by my friends Marianne Cantwell (founder of Free Range Humans - you may also know her from her TEDx Talk on The Hidden Power Of Not (Always) Fitting In) and Selina Barker whose ‘get unstuck’ coaching and work has been featured in the press regularly… for very good reason.

It’s a unique program created for people who don’t want to leave a piece of themselves at the door in order to get paid anymore… but are getting stuck in their head when trying to see the solution that ticks all their boxes.

What’s more The Ideas Adventure shows an approach that does NOT get require you to happen upon “one big overwhelming passion” in order to find your best path that you’ll love…  so if that’s been in your way this one is very much for you

As Marianne says  “there is no such thing as a “good business idea” – only a good idea for you”. And that’s what they’ll help you find.

If you’ve been thinking about this for a while but the books and then browsing haven’t yielded an answer that’s quite right… and you keep coming up against the same roadblocks in your way… then come over here and put your name down now to hear about the Ideas Adventure (do this and you’ll be the first to hear about it when registration opens later this week - this runs only once every year or two at the moment so if this has been on your mind, now is an excellent time!).

Buon Viaggio,  

Barbara Winter

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