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ERKI Fashion Show submission deadline getting close

Photo by Mark Slavin, collection by Evgeniya Dolgopolova

The next edition of ERKI Fashion Show, the longest-running fashion show in Estonia, will take place on 26 May. The competition for proposals is in full swing and all talented fashion designers are invited to participate. There are still two days more left for sending your submissions.

Fashion designer, member of the jury and graduate of the EKA Department of Fashion Design Laili Suurväli encourages everyone who has ever given a thought to participate in the competition because the submission process itself will already give you new ideas and help you develop your collection.

Proposals should be brought to the box situated at the lobby of the Estonian Academy of Arts building at Estonia pst. 7 or sent by post to the same address. The submission deadline is 28 March.

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Köler Prize 2018. Exhibition of Nominees

On Friday 30 March at 18:00, the Köler Prize 2018 exhibition of nominees will open at EKKM.

Congratulations to the EKA Faculty of Fine Arts teaching staff members Holger Loodus, Tanja Muravskaja, Anna Škodenko and Taavi Talve for the nomination!

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EKA scenography student Freda Purik made the costume and stage designs for Richard3

On 10 March, Richard3 premièred in Paide Music and Theatre House featuring costume and stage designs by third year EKA scenography student Freda Purik. The play is a collaboration between the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, Estonian Academy of Arts, and Paide Music and Theatre House. The next shows will take place on 31 March at 18:00 in Paide and on 2 April at 19:00 at the Russian Theatre in Tallinn.

The story of creation, destruction and rebirth of the EÜS mural by Aleksander Bergman

In 1938, Aleksander Bergman painted a gigantic mural (altogether 9.5 x 3 m) for the Estonian Students Society (EÜS) in Tartu that was commissioned by the society’s alumni. Three pivotal events, three memory sites, from the history of EÜS and the Estonian state were depicted: Evenings of Kalevipoeg, Blessing of the Flag, Off to the War of Independence. The conservation was supervised by the EKA Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation.

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EXPLORE EKA: visit Kadi Kurema’s home studio

Kadi Kurema’s Sillies, Pieces and Pawns (2016)

On Thursday at 15:00, the EXPLORE EKA programme will visit Kadi Kurema, teaching staff member at the EKA Department of Graphic Art, at her home studio (Roosikrantsi 17–4) where the artist will introduce her practice as graphic artist and book illustrator.

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Good Teaching Seminar asks: how to market and communicate a curriculum?

What kind of messages circulate about studying at EKA? What is EKA’s reputation like? What is the best way to attract prospective students? How is EKA and its curriculum being marketed? How can one create media visibility for a curriculum? How can we make ourselves understood?

The seminar will look at EKA and the topic of curriculum communication and marketing from the perspective of a teaching staff member and Head of Curriculum. The seminar will take place on 28 March at 14:00–17:00 in room S-103 at Suur-Kloostri 11.

The seminar contributors include, among others, communication strategist, film critic and director Ilmar Raag (MA, Ohio University) and EKA Head of Communications Solveig Jahnke (MA, Asbury University).

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Watch the video: Unfinished City – Lasnamägi

The presentation of the second semester results of the “Unfinished City” project is available for streaming.

In the presentation, Andres Alver, Toomas Tammis, Andres Sevtšuk (Skype) and Raul Kalvo talk about their research and the connected student projects.

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The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme workshop at EKA

On 27 March at 17:30, the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme (Facebook event) workshop will take place in room 426 at Estonia pst. 7. All students and alumni who have started their own entrepreneurial activities but haven’t managed to compile a short and efficient business plan yet in order to apply for the Erasmus exchange programme are welcome to participate in the workshop.

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Briefing on “trading” with artworks made in EKA

Every day, a variety of works is produced at EKA: photos, annual and final projects, books, paintings, sculptures, commissions for enterprises and organisations, and more. At the beginning of every creative activity, parties can agree in writing on the conditions under which the authorship and copyrights of the work are divided and the work will be “traded”.

The briefing will take place in room 440A at Estonia pst. 7 on 3 April at 15:00–16:00.

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Sticky Moment, an exhibition by Anna Slama and Marek Delong at EKA Gallery

The Sticky Moment exhibition by the Czech artist duo Anna Slama and Marek Delong is currently on view at EKA Gallery.

“This whole mass of material is changing trough the time, every other minute there is a new image inside of me, different rhythm of my existence, different ghost in the same reflection.”

The exhibition will run until 14 April.

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On-going exhibitions:

Kaisa Maasik’s personal exhibition Your Love Hurts at the Tartu Art House Monumental Gallery

Five Visions, an exhibition by third year EKA students of interior architecture is open at Alexander’s Cathedral in Narva.

The spatial solutions for Alexander’s Cathedral were made by five teams as a speciality project during the 2017 autumn semester. The question the students asked concerned what the church space could become.

The exhibition will run until 9 April.

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Five Visions, an exhibition by interior architecture students at Alexander’s Cathedral in Narva

Narva Aleksandri Suurkirikus (Kiriku 9, Narva) on avatud Eesti Kunstiakadeemia sisearhitektuuri kolmanda kursuse näitus “Viis visiooni”.

Narva Aleksandri Suurkiriku saalilahendused valmisid 2017. aasta sügissemestril viie meeskonna erialaprojektidena. Tudengid esitavad oma töödega küsimuse – mis võiks kirikuruumist saada?

Näitus on avatud 9. aprillini.

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Leonhard Lapin’s solo show Void and Space at Kumu Art Museum

Leonhard Lapin. Kalev’s Return. 1987. Oil. Art Museum of Estonia

The Void and Space personal exhibition by EKA Professor Emeritus Leonhard Lapin (1947) is currently on view at Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition continues the Estonian art classics series, the earlier editions of which have presented works by Tõnis Vint, Raul Meel, Jüri Okas and Andres Tolts.

The exhibition will run until 13 May.

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Karl-Erik Talvet’s exhibition Bursts of Colour at Estonian War Museum

The Bursts of Colour exhibition by Karl-Erik Talvet, a master’s student at the EKA Chair of Painting, is currently on view at the Estonian War Museum. The painting exhibition is dedicated to the 28th anniversary of the re-establishment of the Estonian Defence League and it will end with an auction, half the proceeds of which will be donated to the Estonian Association of Injured Soldiers.

The exhibition will run until 28 March.

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Mother’s not Home, an exhibition by the EKA Department of Photography master’s student Maris Karjatse at Draakon Gallery

Maris Karjatse’s exhibition Mother’s not Home is currently on view at Draakon Gallery. In 2017, Maris Karjatse graduated from EKA with a BA in photography and is currently continuing her master’s studies here.

The exhibition will run until 7 April.

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Eve Kask’s solo show 2+2=... at Tartu Art Museum

The 2+2=... exhibition by Eve Kask, Associate Professor at the EKA Chair of Graphic Art, is currently on view on the ground floor of Tartu Art Museum. The exhibition presents the artist’s most outstanding works of recent years and, being located on the border between truth and fiction, is related primarily to the phenomenon of post-truthfulness.

The exhibition will run until 13 May.

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EKA Department of Animation at Animafest Zagreb

On 4–9 June, the World Festival of Animated Film Animafest Zagreb will take place in Croatia. Moulinet (2017), a film by Sander Joone, a master’s student at the EKA Department of Animation, was chosen for the Student Film Competition programme. The World Panorama programme will screen Teele Strauss’s Once in The Fields of Boredom (2017) and Nicolás Petelski Mesón’s film A Table Game (2017).

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Jaan Toomik in Moscow, Helsinki and Riga

The Theatre of Gestures exhibition by Toomik is currently on view at Mūkusala Art Salon in Riga and it was curated by Andris Brinkmanis. The exhibition will run until 12 April.

In addition, Studio: Jaan Toomik, Toomik’s personal exhibition featuring his video works is on view at Kohta Gallery in Helsinki and it will run until 29 April.

Marge Monko’s solo show on view in Budapest and participation at Innsbruck International 2018

The personal exhibition of Professor Marge Monko, Head of the EKA Department of Photography, titled Women of the World, Raise Your Right Hand is on view at Ani Molnár Gallery in Budapest. This is a continuation of her exhibition at Tallinn City Gallery earlier this year.

In addition, Marge Monko is taking part in Innsbruck International 2018. There she is presenting her New Romance (2016) installation and video Dear D (2015).

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For statistics fans: what happened in 2017 – did EKA Open Academy explode?

Number of continuing education students and courses at EKA (2013–2017)

The Open Academy started its 20th year of activities this autumn and, as a good sign, saw a surge in the continuing education trainings. Last year, EKA offered 130 continuing education courses for 1,651 students, that’s 1,046 students and 61 courses more than in 2016. The biggest number of students were interested in design, fine arts and art history. There’s a noteworthy growth in the number of children, prospective EKA students and art and design professionals (often EKA graduates themselves) undertaking continuing education training.

Thank you all who have contributed to the Open Academy and inspiration to all Open Academy students!

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Next courses at the Open Academy

Classic portraiture on 5 April–3 May

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Fashion croquis on 3 April–5 May

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EKA members

Briefing of EKA researchers

On Wednesday 18 April at 14:00–15:30, a briefing of EKA researches will take place in room E-440A at Estonia pst. 7. All research and development related staff members, including deans, heads of departments, teaching staff members, research assistants and project coordinators, are kindly requested to participate.


  • 14:00–14:30 Overview of the “Applied research in smart specialisation growth areas” measure (Estonian Research Council)
  • 14:35–15:05 EKA research fund 2018; developments in the state research funding (Maria Jäärats)
  • 15:05–15:30 Coffee, cookies and open discussion
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