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Or, to those less fluent in Korean, Hello!

Welcome to the first September edition of the Atlantis Entertainment newsletter where you'll find a mixture of K-Pop and books. I am your MC, Ji Soo, and I will be guiding you through this month's fun.


ONYX: Unity
A Ji Soo Update
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A Ji Soo Update

It has been a long time since my last newsletter. I have a very good excuse though!


 I moved country!


I think I've mentioned it previously - I've definitely mentioned it in my reader group on FB, but I work in a hotel. About this time last year, I put in a transfer request to work in another hotel in the chain in another country, and I got my country of choice - the UK.


At the beginning of August, I left Texas and flew to Heathrow before taking a train to my hotel. I was supposed to be living in the hotel, but I had to go into temporary accommodation for a few weeks. Last week, I was finally settled.


I've been to London before, and I have British family. But living it is a whole other ball game.


Why do y'all dunk cookies in your tea??? That just puts crumbs in there and no one wants to drink them. Wait, sorry - 'biscuits'. And wow, I didn't realize just how many types of tea there were and just how easy it is to upset someone if they don't have the correct brand. They actually gave me a lesson in tea at work.


I took advantage of having no internet when I first moved and explored the area (there's a whole load of sheep here. And rain.), but now I'm back at my computer, trying to make sure I hit my deadline for Onyx: Unity.


And then I started another project. If you're in my FB group, you know about this one - it's a standalone RH where I'm getting members of the group to help me choose - so far we have a group name "Drako", and the character inspirations. One thing I don't have is a release date, because I have to finish ONYX: Unity, then I have Stolen Luck and The Leader Who Fell From The Sky (Zodiac 4).


Speaking of ONYX: Unity, I now have a pre-order link and a release date!

ONYX: Unity
Release date: October 29th
ONYX: Unity

The final installment in the Onyx series!

I am currently 40,000 words into this book. To put that into perspective, that's just over half of ONYX: Love. Story-wise, I think I'm about a third of the way though. and I've already cut some scenes.


I have kept them, and I will be adding them to the files section of my FB group at a later date. I'm not sure if you think there's such thing as too much sex, but I did - and that's basically what those 'deleted scenes' are!


First comes love, second comes scandal, third comes a secret which could end it all...
The scandal with Kate and Jiwon has left Onyx in such a precarious position that Korean fans are picketing the dorms. While Atlantis is backing the group, it's not without new conditions: a second photographer who doesn't know about Kate's dating secret, and a manager who doesn't approve.
Hiding their relationship from the world seems like the easiest thing to Onyx, but with the world tour continuing, and even more attention on them then before, they've got their work cut out.
If that wasn't enough, Kate's got six sets of parents-in-law to meet. And not all of them are as accepting of the relationship as their sons are.
For now, at least, Kate, Youngbin, Xiao, Jiwon, JongB, MinMin and CX have each other. Except one of them is hiding one last secret.
The kind of secret which could finally undo all their hard work and destroy everyone's dreams...
The kind of secret that is life-changing...
The kind of secret that will make or break the relationship...

ONYX: Unity is the final book in a Why Choose fast-burn romance and ends in a HFN. This book contains strong language, sexual situations, some MFM, and one member who likes to watch... If none of that is your thing, you should probably spare yourself and not read this.
Join Onyx on their "Our Truth" World Tour now!


The Rose

The Rose are a guitar-based K-pop group, and while there are no dance routines, it doesn't make them any less talented. They debuted in August 2017 and their fandom is Black Rose.


Woosung is the leader and lead guitarist, he also goes by Sammy. Dojoon is on the keyboards (and sometimes guitar) and also goes by Leo. Hajoon (or Dylan), plays the drums, and the maknae, Jaehyeong (or Jeff), is the bassist.


Three of the four members were actually in a busking group!


 I'll feature more guitar based bands in the future, but because I mentioned Drako, I wanted to have one today. (And that right there is a spoiler for that book. If you want more, or want to be a part of helping shape that story, come join me in my Facebook group!)  

You know when a group has so many good songs to pick from and you don't know which to choose? This was the case for The Rose. I adore Sorry, and I also love Face (although that's Woosung's solo song). Instead I settled for their latest release, Red. I hope you enjoy it like I do.


From Ji Soo Lee and J. S. Lee

Ji Soo Lee

Winter 2019

The Leader Who Fell From The Sky

Zodiac, 4

YA Contemporary Romance

J. S. Lee

October 29

Onyx: Unity

Onyx, 4

NA Reverse Harem

C. L. Coffey & J. S. Lee

October 15th

Cursed Luck

The Goddess of Fate & Destiny, The Prequel

NA Reverse Harem


Ooops... We're Doing It Again

We'll let you know when we pick Witch title, 1

NA Reverse Harem


If you haven't heard, I'm trying to achieve a life goal of hitting the USA Today Bestseller list. To do this, I really need your help! We're nowhere close to the numbers we need.

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