Pipe Creepers 1

Written by Frank Martin
Artwork by JC Grande
Colors by Eugen Betivo

Parts 1 AND 2 are available on Kickstarter until this Friday!

The man of many projects.

Frank Martin has certainly been busy. He's published The Last Homicide, The Polar Paradox, The Macabre Motel among other things. It's become a regular thing to get a comic written by him landing in my mailbox. He even shares a little tidbit of creative writing in his Facebook posts:

The Master Key
"The boy felt so powerful when his dad gave him the key. A “master” key is what he called it. A key that could open every door in their house...

...The boy wondered what he should do with such power. Strange that he decided to lock all the doors instead of opening them."

A mind for the macabre.

He's a delightfully creative and inventive spinner of yarns, usually landing in the macabre or downright hellish horrifying realm of fiction. Something nasty is always just there, outside your field of vision. In Polar Paradox it was an undiscovered aquatic Wonderland of new and powerful species, coupled with a strange mutiny of the first expedition. In Macabre Motel it was a danger inhabited by the Motel itself.

Pipe Creepers starts out as your typical haunted house set up. Two plumbers are sent to fix some 'bad water' issues with an ancient decrepit old house. It's run by Mrs. Ward. The walls have eerie scary paintings. There's a secret passageway one plumber discovers while the other one's fixing the water filtration system.

It was a very entertaining read, if a bit short. I was through with it in about 10 minutes. There's a 2nd half that concludes it on Kickstarter right now.

An ongoing theme to Frank's stories seems to be 'untrustworthy' places, whether they be haunted, shunned, or populated with hostile creatures -or a combination thereof. This latest one, Pipe Creepers, it remains to be seen if the two plumbers (Howie and Phil) will survive their struggle.

Next Tuesday:

A bit of hard-core gristly supernatural killer saga with The Crucifix Executioner parts 1 and 2!

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