When you follow fitness trends over the years it can seem like fitness is always changing but how has fitness stayed the same over the years? Let's look at how fitness has remained the same.

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April 14, 2019 Newsletter

How Has Fitness Stayed the Same Over the Years?

A couple of weeks ago my mom stopped by with a book, The Essential Women's Health Guide 2000. It's a magazine type book that was put out by Health Magazine for $12.95. My mom suggested that I cover how fitness and running has, or hasn't changed over the years. She thought this book could be some inspiration. So over the next three newsletters I'm going to cover how fitness, running and working out has stayed the same, changed and look at fitness trends over the years.

Today I want to start with how fitness, running and working out has stayed the same over the years. It's easy to look at all the changes but when you peel back the layers there is a lot that's stayed the same. In fact I'd say that the basics remain the same but we might use different groupings or phrases. I will be looking at the Essential Women's Health Guide 2000 as well as other resources to discuss what has stayed the same in the fitness and running industry.

The biggest thing that has stayed the same over the years is that working out is good for you. We knew then and we know now that you should be adding in physical exercise to your daily routine. The recommendations of how much, and what types of exercise might have changed but the bottom line remains you should exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Has running changed over the years? Absolutely but let's look at how it's remained the same. Running remains a cardio exercise where all you need is a pair of shoes. You can lace up and get out the door. We've learned a lot about technology, shoes, fueling and even racing but we still get up, lace up and head out the door like we did twenty years ago. Many of the running workouts remain the same as well. We still have speed work and vary our paces over different runs.

When we look at strength training over the years there have been a lot of trends, some of which stay and some which go, but what has stayed the same? We still look at push and pull exercises to work opposing muscle groups when strength training. We still look at periodization schedules to ensure we continue to grow and make gains. This means we are changing up our routine over different periods of time. We still have our one rep max weight and train to muscle fatigue. The core of strength training has remained the same. We still look at progressive overload, meaning we know that the we will have to change the stress applied to the body to continue to make gains. We still look at sports related conditioning and recovery. We continue to look at the basics and train smarter not harder. We may use different names and have different trends but the basics of strength training are the same over the years.

When we look at flexibility trends over the years there's been a lot of change. In fact yoga started to become very popular in the 2000's. When I was reading the Women's Essential Health Guide 2000, there was talk about stretching and that stretching is important both before and after a workout. While the type of stretching and the science behind stretching over the years has changed most professionals still recommend some type of stretching or flexibility type workout in your training plan. 

When you're doing your runs or workouts this week I want to you take a moment and think, would this workout have been the same if I was doing it twenty years ago? How has it changed and how has it stayed the same? Send me a tweet @srunsfitness and I'll share what you have to say!

Running Trends

The Race Trends annual report was published in February 2019. You can read it here. It's published by Run Signup which is a service that lets you register for races. Overall their numbers show that more runners are participating in races year over year however there was a slight decline from in 2018 verses the 2017 numbers. 

The entry fee of the marathon distance went up on average 11.9% in 2018 verses the 2017 number however the entry fee for the ultra went down 4.2%. That's a good trend for ultra runners!

Here's a stat that surprised me, the most number of races, 13.7% occur in September followed by 12.3% of races in October. That makes summer an important time to train for fall races!

A stat that I'm sure won't surprise you is that 60% of races are on Saturday's followed by 24.1% on Sunday's. This is one of the reasons so many of us do our long runs on the weekends!

I could go over more stats from the race report but I'm going to recommend you give it a read and tweet me the most surprising stat you found from the report @srunsfitness I'll share what you have to say!

Can You Just Run?

When you look at running a lot of people say running is a cheap, easy sport. With a good pair of running shoes you can just lace up and run, but is this true? Can you just get out and run? There been lots of changes in exercise, running and fitness in general over the years. I'll be talking more about the changes next week. Lots of the changes we've seen to running have helped our running. However when we peel back the layers running is still running. It remains the sport where with a pair of shoes and some motivation you can head out the door and run.

When running and working out becomes to overwhelming or it's just not fun anymore I always recommend to leave all the tech and gadgets at home and just get outside and run. Connect with your breath, listen to the sound of your feet hitting the pavement and remember why you love running. Even with all the technology and gadgets a lot of us still run to be with ourselves and our thoughts. I'm sure many of you have done some of your best thinking when you're out on a long run by yourself.

So if you ask me, yes, running remains that sport that all you need is a little heart, motivation and a solid pair of running shoes. You'll be surprised where those shoes take you and who you become!

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