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ISSUE #8, December 2019

SME Assembly 2019 – Keep the conversation going


The SME Assembly 2019 might be over, but the conversation is still going!

This year the SME Assembly 2019 was an important contribution to the upcoming SME Strategy from the European Commission. During the Assembly delegates experienced the enterprising nature of Finland with a visit to Team Finland, and an entrepreneur expo throughout the event. In addition attendees of the Schumpeter lecture listened to a passionate Mariana Mazzucato give an inspiring lecture the importance of state finance, particularly patient finance and the importance of government support for SMEs willing to innovate. The following days of the Assembly brought delegates together to discuss, hack and innovate in support of the upcoming SME Strategy and provide valuable input for its creation.

The results of the Assembly will be shared in the ‘Online SME Assembly’ LinkedIn group which is open to all delegates, speakers and stakeholders.

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Re-live the SME Assembly highlights

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SME Assembly 2019 – Relive the experience

The SME Assembly 2019 was full of inspiration, innovation, policy sessions, networking, lectures and more! Don’t worry if you didn’t catch everything, Promoting Enterprise has got you covered!

Looking for a round-up of Days 1-3? Have a read:

Don’t forget that there are photos from throughout the event available for you on the Promoting Enterprise Flickr.

Missed Mariana Mazzucato’s lecture?

Watch it here!

EEPA Class of 2019

The European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2019 celebrated the best of the best in a ceremony on the 2nd day of the SME Assembly 2019. On 26 November 2019, six category winners were awarded with EEPA prizes, and an overall Grand Jury Prize winner was crowned as being the most outstanding project across the six categories for 2019.

Re-live their winning moments on the Promoting Enterprise YouTube channel and keep checking the Promoting Enterprise News Portal for their upcoming winner interviews!

Watch the EEPA winning moments!

Radu Dumitrescu wins SME Week Youth Essay Competition 2019

Radu Dumitrescu, 24 year-old from Romania, was proclaimed the winner of this year’s SME Week Youth Essay Competition during the European Commission’s SME Assembly.

In his speech as potential EU Commissioner for SMEs and Entrepreneurship he said:

“So, what is our goal? To put the new industries at the heart of European SMEs – to create ‘Silicon Europe’. We can no longer afford to linger in coal, petrol, manufacturing jobs, farming and hard labour. They cannot be abandoned either, but the way to the future is through the digital, the online, the streaming and the virtual. That is where the state of the future will be, where voters will have their say, where poets will forge their dreams and where love will take hold of couples. But first, it is where money will be made – and European SMEs will pioneer the way during my term.”

The other finalists of this year’s SME Week Youth Essay competition were:

  • Enzo Ercole Ribagnac (France)
  • Estelle Beuve (France)
  • Aureliano Ulndreaj (Albania)

Congratulations Radu!

Find out more on the Promoting Enterprise News Portal.

SME Assembly 2019 - Keep the conversation going

The SME Assembly 2019 might be over, but the conversation is still going!

This year the SME Assembly 2019 was an important contribution to the upcoming SME Strategy from the European Commission. During the Assembly delegates shared opinions and ideas which were harvested and are currently being analysed to inform the strategy.

These results will be shared in the LinkedIn group “Online SME Assembly” which is open to all SME Assembly delegates and stakeholders. It is also a platform to continue sharing ideas, ask questions and benefit from the collective experience of all group members.

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    Missed Professor Isenberg’s keynote?
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