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Today I want to talk about my Member Library. I’ve heard recently from a number of readers who’ve had some trouble gaining access for a variety of different reasons. So I want to remind you all how to get into the library, download items, and print them. I also want to hear from you if you are experiencing trouble caused by something on my end.

How to Get Into to the Member Library

(1) Click on “Member Library,” which can be found in my “navigation bar” at the top of my blog (see screenshot below).

(2) After you click “Member Library,” a screen will open with a search bar.
(3) Enter the password adirondack (all lower case, no punctuation) into the search bar (screenshot below).

(4) Press “Enter” (screenshot above).
(5) Sometimes you may encounter a “captcha,” a little “test” to see if you’re a real person. Usually they’ll ask you to click on every photo that you see (in a little collage) that show “X” where X is a word like “car” or “bird.” Some photos will contain “X,” others won’t. Click on the ones that do and you should be granted access.

Have you had issues with the "captcha?"

A couple of readers have emailed me to let me know that they've encountered the captcha, and while they have clicked the correct pictures, they’ve not been granted access. And furthermore, they are forced to fill out another captcha form, and still no access. SO frustrating!! I feel terrible about that.

I’ve been working with the company that hosts my blog to try and resolve the issue. But I need to know if this is still happening and to how many people, so please hit reply to this email and let me know if you're having trouble.

What’s in the Member Library?

The Member Library contains PDF files of all kinds: project tutorials, price guides, printables, and more. PDF files are easily downloaded and stored on your computer, whether in your “downloads,” “documents,” or “pictures ” (see below for download instructions). They are also easily printed (see below for printing instructions).

How to print something in the library

If you HAVE NOT downloaded the item:
(1) In the Member Library, simply click on the picture of the item you want to print.
(2) A new screen will open with the item showing.
(3) Click on the printer icon in the upper right-hand corner.

If you HAVE downloaded the item to your files:
(see downloading instructions below)

(1) Click on the printer icon in the upper left-hand corner.

How to download something from the library

(1) Click on the item in the library that you want to download.
(2) A new screen will open.
(3) Go to the icon of a downward pointing arrow (upper right) (screenshot below).

(4) Click on it.
(5) A new screen will open.
(6) Click where you want to save the item (upper left column): downloads, pictures, or documents (screenshot below).
(7) Click “SAVE” (screen shot below).

Hope this was helpful! 

From this point on you will find these instructions on my blog, and I will always include a link to them (along with the password in pink) at the very end of every weekly newsletter underneath my photo. How does that sound?

That's it for now!
Hope the rest of your week is blessed.

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As a subscriber, you have access to my FREE Member Library. 
Find it anytime on my blog in the navigation bar at the top.
Use the password: adirondack
Helpful hints for using the library can be found HERE.

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